Kyle Bittinger, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics
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The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Microbiome Center
Roberts Center for Pediatric Research
2716 South Street, 14th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19146-2305
Office: 267-425-1641
B.S. (Chemistry)
University of Pittsburgh, 2001.
Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008.
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Selected Publications

Hong G, Lipscombe C, Daniel S, O’Dea A, Bittinger K, Dorgan D, Hadjiliadis D.: CFTR modulation on the microbial environment in cystic fibrosis. Blood 138: 3169, Nov 2022.

Firrman J, Liu L, Mahalak K, Tanes C, Bittinger K, Tu V, Bobokalonov J, Mattei L, Zhang H, Van den Abbeele P: The impact of environmental pH on the gut microbiota community structure and short chain fatty acid production. FEMS Microbiol Ecol 98: fiac038, May 2022.

Paraskevopoulou M, Mayer LS, Krueger A, Pattekar A, Ramos A, ... Bittinger K, ... Tomov V, Juarez J.: A single cell approach reveals immune cell dynamics in ulcerative colitis (UC) and highlights association of CD8 intraepithelial lymphocytes (IELS) with response to Vedolizumab treatment. Gastroenterology 167(2): S-1093, May 2022.

Benitez A, Tanes C, Hu W, Friedman ES, Gerber J, Kelly A... Bittinger K, Zemel BS.: Impact of early life antibiotics on the gut microbiome, bile acids, and related gastrointestinal manifestations. Gastroenterology 167(2): S-1010, May 2022.

Zong W, Allu SR, Friedman ES, Firrman J, Tu V, Bittinger K, Liu L, Vinogradov S, Wu GD.: Disruption of intestinal oxygen dynamics during acute colitis alters the gut microbiome. Gastroenterology 162(7): S-511, May 2022.

Lemons JS, Conrad M, Tanes C, Friedman ES, Chau L, Ogawa SA, Curry D, Murphy D, Kachelries K, Bittinger K, Liu LS, Baldassano RN, Wu GD: Intestinal acylcarnitines as a biomarker of IBD and their role in bacterial metabolism. Gastroenterology 162(7): S-222, May 2022.

Kastl A, Zong W, Gershuni V, Friedman ES, Tanes C, Boateng A, O’Connor K, Bittinger K, Terry NA, Bales CB, Albenberg L, Wu GD.: Clinical phenotyping of patients with short bowel syndrome via effects of diet and the gut microbiota on bile acid metabolism. Gastroenterology 162(7): S-653-S-654, May 2022.

Redding LE, Tu V, Abbas A, Alvarez M, Zackular JP, Gu C, Bushman FD, Kelly DJ, Barnhart D, Lee JJ, Bittinger K: Genetic and phenotypic characteristics of Clostridium (Clostridioides) difficile from canine, bovine, and pediatric populations. Anaerobe 74: 102539, Apr 2022.

Mennella JA, Li Y, Bittinger K, Friedman ES, Zhao C, Li H, Wu GD, Trabulsi JC: The Macronutrient Composition of Infant Formula Produces Differences in Gut Microbiota Maturation That Associate with Weight Gain Velocity and Weight Status. Nutrients 14: 1241, Mar 2022.

Breton J, Tanes C, Tu V, Albenberg L, Rowley S, Devas N, Hwang R, Kachelries K, Wu GD, Baldassano RN, Bittinger K, Mattei P: A microbial signature for pediatric perianal Crohn's Disease. J Crohn’s Colitis Page: jjac032, Feb 2022 Notes: Epub Ahead of print.

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