Arjun Raj, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor of Bioengineering
Department: Bioengineering

Contact information
Office: 111 Hayden Hall
Mail: 210 S. 33rd Street
Skirkanich Hall, Room 240
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-821-7394
BA (Physics and Mathematics)
University of California, Berkeley, 2000.
PhD (Mathematics)
New York University, 2006.
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Description of Research Expertise

Research Interests: RNA systems biology, particular as related to non-coding RNAs and cancer biology.

Keywords: RNA, systems biology, cancer, non-coding RNAs

Research Details:
The Raj lab studies the biology of single cells. The primary motivation for studying biological processes on a cell-by-cell basis is the fact that even genetically identical cells can behave very differently. This variability can have consequences in a variety of biological contexts. We aim to understand these differences at the molecular level. We develop and utilize a mix of experimental tools including individual RNA molecules via fluorescence microscopy, high throughput sequencing and molecular biology to make quantitative measurements of cellular behavior.

Rotation Projects: Please contact Arjun for more details.

Selected Publications

Bartman, Caroline R, Hsu, Sarah C, Hsiung, Chris C-S, Raj, Arjun, Blobel, Gerd A: Enhancer regulation of transcriptional bursting parameters revealed by forced chromatin looping. Molecular cell 62(2): 237-247, 2016.

Symmons, Orsolya, Raj, Arjun: What’s Luck Got to Do with It: Single Cells, Multiple Fates, and Biological Nondeterminism. Molecular cell 62(5): 788-802, 2016.

Shaffer, Sydney M, Biaesch, Andrew G, Torborg, Stefan, Krepler, Clemens, Herlyn, Meenhard, Raj, Arjun: Abstract B32: Single-cell non-genetic heterogeneity confers drug resistance in melanoma. Cancer Research 76(3 Supplement): B32-B32, 2016.

Raj, Anil, Wang, Sidney H, Shim, Heejung, Harpak, Arbel, Li, Yang I, Engelmann, Brett, Stephens, Matthew, Gilad, Yoav, Pritchard, Jonathan K: Thousands of novel translated open reading frames in humans inferred by ribosome footprint profiling. eLife 5: e13328, 2016.

Hsiung, Chris C-S, Bartman, Caroline, Huang, Peng, Ginart, Paul, Stonestrom, Aaron J, Keller, Cheryl A, Face, Carolyne, Jahn, Kristen S, Evans, Perry, Sankaranarayanan, Laavanya: A hyperactive transcriptional state marks genome reactivation at the mitosis-G1 transition. bioRxiv Page: 053678, 2016.

Ginart, Paul, Kalish, Jennifer M, Jiang, Connie L, Yu, Alice C, Bartolomei, Marisa S, Raj, Arjun: Visualizing allele-specific expression in single cells reveals epigenetic mosaicism in an H19 loss-of-imprinting mutant. Genes Dev 2(016): 567-78, 2016.

Dar, Roy D, Schaffer, Sydney M, Dey, Siddarth S, Foley, Jonathan E, Singh, Abhyudai, Razooky, Brandon S, Arkin, Adam P, Schafer, David V, Simpson, Michael L, Raj, Arjun: Transcriptional bursting explains the noise-versus-mean relationship in mRNA and protein levels. bioRxiv Page: 049528, 2016.

Cote, Allison J, McLeod, Claire M, Farrell, Megan J, McClanahan, Patrick D, Dunagin, Margaret C, Raj, Arjun, Mauck, Robert L: Single-cell differences in matrix gene expression do not predict matrix deposition. Nature communications 7, 2016.

Chen, Fei, Wassie, Asmamaw T, Cote, Allison J, Sinha, Anubhav, Alon, Shahar, Asano, Shoh, Daugharthy, Evan R, Chang, Jae-Byum, Marblestone, Adam, Church, George M: Nanoscale imaging of RNA with expansion microscopy. Nature methods 2016.

Burdick, Joshua, Walton, Travis, Preston, Elicia, Zacharias, Amanda, Raj, Arjun, Murray, John Isaac: Overlapping cell population expression profiling and regulatory inference in C. elegans. BMC genomics 17(1): 1, 2016.

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