Riccardo Gottardi, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics
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Bioengineering and Biomaterials Laboratory
Room 1016G, Abramson Research Center, 3615 Civic Center Blvd, Philadelphia, PA, 19104
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 412-251-6987
Lab: 215-590-0968
B.Sc. (LM) (General Physics)
University of Pisa, Italy, 2003.
M.Sc. (LS) (Applied Physics (Medical Physics))
University of Pisa, Italy, 2003.
Ph.D. (Inform., Communication Sci. & Tech. & Electronics & Inform. Engineering (Biomedical Engineering))
University of Genova, Italy, 2007.
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Selected Publications

S. AliAkbariGhavimi, P.M. Gehret, M.R. Aronson, R. Schipani, K.W.Y. Smith, R.C. Borek, J.A. Germiller, I.N. Jacobs, K.B. Zur, R. Gottardi: Drug Delivery to the Pediatric Upper Airway. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 174: 168-18, July 2021.

E. Capuana, D. Marino, R. Di Gesù, V. La Carrubba, V. Brucato, R.S. Tuan, R. Gottardi: A High-Throughput Mechanical Activator for Cartilage Engineering Enables Rapid Screening of in vitro Response of Tissue Models to Physiological and Supra-physiological Loads. Cells, Tissues, Organs 14: 1-19, July 2021.

A. Pirosa*, R. Gottardi* co-first author, P.G. Alexander, D. Puppi, F. Chiellini, R.S. Tuan: An in vitro chondro-osteo-vascular triphasic model of the osteochondral complex. Biomaterials 272: 120773, May 2021.

J.L. Handlos, A. Esrafili, J.L. Mangal, S. Inamdar, S. Mcmillian, M. Wankhede, R. Gottardi, A.P. Acharya: Engineering metabolism of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) cells for developing efficient immunotherapies. Cancers 13(5), March 2021.

R. Gottardi, K. Moeller, R. Di Gesù, R.S. Tuan, M. van Griensven, E.R. Balmayor: Application of a Hyperelastic 3D Printed Scaffold for Mesenchymal Stem Cell-based Fabrication of a Bizonal Tendon Enthesis-like Construct. Frontiers in Materials: Biomaterials 8: 613212, March 2021.

M.R. Aronson, S. AliAkbariGhavimi, P.M. Gehret, I.N. Jacobs, R. Gottardi: Drug-eluting Endotracheal Tubes for Preventing Bacterial Inflammation in Subglottic Stenosis. The Laryngoscope 2021.

A.C. Greene, A.P. Acharya, S.B. Lee, R. Gottardi, E. Zaleski, S.R. Little: Cranberry extract-based formulations for preventing bacterial biofilms. Drug Delivery and Translational Research August 2020.

R. Di Gesù, A. Acharya, I. Jacobs, R. Gottardi: 3D printing for tissue engineering in otolaryngology. Connective Tissue Research 61(2): 117-136, March 2020.

R. Gottardi: Advances in bioprinting: a toolbox for tissue engineering. Connective Tissue Research 61(2): 115-116, March 2020.

I. Chiesa, C. De Maria, A. Lapomarda, G.M. Fortunato, F. Montemurro, R. Di Gesù, R.S. Tuan, G. Vozzi, R. Gottardi: Endothelial cells support osteogenesis in an in vitro vascularized bone model developed by 3D bioprinting. Biofabrication 12(2): 025013, February 2020.

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