Surbhi Grover, M.D. M.P.H

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Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Radiation Oncology
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Hospital of University of Pennsylvania
Department of Radiation Oncology
3400 Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 267-207-6977
Fax: 215-349-8975
B.A. (Economics (Magna Cum Laude))
Columbia University, 2004.
M.D. (Medicine)
Harvard Medical School, 2009.
M.P.H. (Public Health)
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2013.
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Selected Publications

N. Vapiwala, C. R. Thomas, Jr., S. Grover, M. L. Yap, T. Mitin, L. N. Shulman, M. K. Gospodarowicz, J. Longo, D. G. Petereit, R. D. Ennis, J. A. Hayman, D. Rodin, J. C. Buchsbaum, B. Vikram, M. Abdel-Wahab, A. H. Epstein, P. Okunieff, J. Goldwein, P. Kupelian, J. B. Weidhaas, M. A. Tucker, J. D. Boice, C. D. Fuller, R. F. Thompson, A. D. Trister, S. C. Formenti, M-H Barcellos-Hoff, J Jones, K. V. Dharmarajan, A. L. Zietman, C. N. Coleman: Enhancing Career Paths for Tomorrow’s Radiation Oncologists. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics May 2019.

L. M. Wroe, T. A. Ige, O. C. Asogwa, S. C. Aruah. S. Grover, R. Mukafa and S. L. Sheehy: Comparative analysis of radiotherapy LINAC downtime and failure modes in the UK, Nigeria and Botswana. Clinical Oncology May 2019.

Hernández-Ramírez RU, Qin L, Lin H, Leyden W, Neugebauer RS, Althoff KN, Hessol NA, Achenbach CJ, Brooks JT, Gill MJ, Grover S, Horberg MA, Li J, Mathews WC, Mayor AM, Patel P, Rabkin CS, Rachlis A, Justice AC, Moore RD, Engels EA, Silverberg MJ, Dubrow R: Association of immunosuppression and HIV viremia with anal cancer risk in persons living with HIV in the United States and Canada. Clinical Infectious Diseases May 2019.

Y Martei, S Grover, W Bilker, B Monare, D Setlhako, T Ralefala, P Manshimba, R Gross, L Shulman, A DeMichele: Impact of Essential Medicines Stock-out on Cancer Therapy Delivery in a Resource-Limited Setting. Journal of Global Oncology April 2019.

V Verma, R Wegner, E Brooks, J Miccio, B Kann, G Finley, M Raj, S Grover, P Mohindra, C Simone: Chemotherapy Versus Supportive Care for Unresected Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma. Clinical Lung Cancer March 2019.

S Elmore, S Grover, JM Bourque, S Chopra, A Nyakabau, C Ntizimira, E Krakauer, Tracy Balboni, M Gospodarowicz, D Rodin: Global palliative radiotherapy: a framework to improve access in resource-constrained settings. Annals of Palliative Medicine February 2019.

M Vyfhuis, S M Bentzen, J K Molitoris, T Diwanji, S Badiyan, S Grover, C A Adebamowo, C B Simone II, P Mohindra: Patterns-of-care and survival in LA-NSCLC among black and Latino patients compared to white patients. Clinical Lung Cancer February 2019.

M Dosanjh, A Aggarwal, D Pistenmaa, E Amankwaa-Frempong, D Angal-Kalinin, S Boogert, D Brown, M Carlone, P Collier, L Court, A Di Meglio, J Van Dyk, S Grover, D Jaffray, C Jamieson, J Khader, I Konoplev, H Makwani, P McIntosh, B Militsyn, J Palta, S Sheehy, S Aruah, I Syratchev, E Zubizarreta, C Coleman: Developing Innovative, Robust and Affordable Medical Linear Accelerators for Challenging Environments. Clinical Oncology January 2019.

S Shin, C Carpenter, M Ekstrand, Q Wang, S Grover, N Zetola, K Yadav, S Sinha, A Nyamathi: Cervical cancer awareness and presence of abnormal cytology among HIV-infected women on ART in Rural Andhra Pradesh, India. International Journal of STD & AIDS January 2019.

V Verma, R Wegner, E Ludmir, S Hasan, A Colonias, S Grover, J Friedberg, C Simone, II: Management of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma in the Elderly Population. Annals of Surgical Oncology January 2019.

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