Stephanie Mayne, PhD, MHS

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Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
3401 Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BS (Biology)
University of Michigan , 2007.
MHS (International Health)
Johns Hopkins University , 2010.
PhD (Epidemiology)
Drexel University, 2016.
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Selected Publications

Mayne SL, DiFiore G, Hannan C, Virudachalam S, Glanz K, Fiks AG: Association of neighborhood social context and perceived stress among mothers of young children. Academic Pediatrics 22(8): 1414-1421, November 2022.

Mayne SL, Kelleher S, Hannan C, Kelly MK, Powell M, Dalembert G, McPeak K, Jenssen BP, Fiks AG: Neighborhood Greenspace and Changes in Pediatric Obesity During COVID-19. American Journal of Preventive Medicine Page: doi: 10.1016, August 2022 Notes: epub.

DiFiore G, Hannan C, Fiks AG, Virudachalam S, Glanz K, Mayne SL: Associations between Food Insecurity and Neighborhood Safety, Social Cohesion, Social Control, and Crime among Mothers of Preschool-Aged Children. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 33(3): 1258-1274, August 2022.

Mitchell JA, Husain S, Morales KH, Williamson AA, Mayne S, Fiks AG, Basner M, Dinges DF, Zemel BS: Childhood Opportunity Index and Sleep Health in Adolescents. Poster Presentation, Associated Professional Sleep Societies Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC June 2022.

Mayne S, Hannan C, DiFiore G, Nwokeji U, Tam V, Martin T, Mitchell J, South E, Glanz K, Fiks A: Using mobile methods to assess time-varying home and neighborhood environmental exposures related to adolescent sleep. Poster presentation, Society for Epidemiologic Research Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois. June 2022.

DiFiore G, Hannan C, Fiks AG, Virudachalam S, Glanz K, Mayne SL: Associations of Neighborhood Safety, Social Cohesion, and Social Control with Food Insecurity among Families with Preschool-Aged Children. Poster Presentation, Pediatric Academic Societies Annal Meeting, Denver, CO April 2022.

Hannan C, Mayne SL, Kelly MK, Davis M, Young JF, Powell M, Dalembert G, McPeak KE, Jenssen BP, Fiks AG.: Longer Term Trends in Depressive Symptoms and Suicide Risk During COVID-19 in a Large Pediatric Primary Care Network. Platform Presentation, Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting, Denver, CO April 2022.

Mayne SL, Hannan C, Difiore G, Virudachalam S, Glanz K, Fiks AG: Associations of Neighborhood Safety and Collective Efficacy with Dietary Intake among Preschool-Aged Children and Mothers. Childhood Obesity 18(2): 120-131, March 2022.

Walshe EA, Fiks AG, Mayne S, Biggs L, Powell M, Nwokeji U, Koepke N, Schlotter C, Kellher S, Ward-McIntosh C, Gonzalez AK, Winston FK: 132 Assessing driving skills as part of adolescent care, an implementation study. Injury Prevention 28: A47, March 2022.

Reddy N, Mayne S, Pool L, Gordon-Larsen P, Carr J, Terry J, Kershaw K: Exposure to neighborhood-level racial residential segregation in young adulthood to midlife and incident subclinical atherosclerosis in Black adults: The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Study. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes 15(2): e007986, February 2022.

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