Devan V. Mehrotra, PhD

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Adjunct Associate Professor of Biostatistics in Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Department: Biostatistics and Epidemiology
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351 North Sumneytown Pike
North Wales, PA 19454
BSc (Mathematis & Statistics)
St. Xaviers College, 1984.
MSc (Statistics)
University of Bombay, 1986.
PhD (Statistics)
University of Delaware, 1991.
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Selected Publications

Mehrotra, DV: A Recommended Analysis for 2x2 Crossover Trials with Baseline Measurements. Pharmaceutical Statistics 2014 (in press).

Lunceford, JK, Cheng, J, Wong, P, and Mehrotra, DV: Ancestry Adjustments in Genome-Wide Association Studies of Randomized Clinical Trials. Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research 6: 137-143, 2014.

Mehrotra, D.V.: More Powerful Analyses of Crossover Trials with Baseline Measurements (oral presentation). Joint Statistical Meetings, Boston, MA. 2014.

Quirk, E.K., Brown, E.L., Leavitt, R.Y., Mogg, R., Mehrotra, D.V., Evans, R.K., DiNubile, M.J., and Robertson, M.N.: Open Forum Infectious Diseases. online 1, 2014.

Mehrotra, D.V., Fan, L., and Li, X.: Notably More Powerful Analyses of Thorough QT Crossover Trials (oral presentation). Joint Statistical Meetings, Montreal, Canada 2013.

Mallinckrodt, C, Roger, J, Chuang-Stein, C, Molenberghs, G, Lane, PW, O’Kelly, M, Ratitch, B, Xu, L, Gilbert, S, Mehrotra DV, Wolfinger, R, and Thijs, H.: Missing Data: Turning Guidance into Action. Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research 5: 369-382, 2013.

Lu, X, Mehrotra, DV, and Shepherd, BE: Rank-Based Principal Stratum Sensitivity Analyses. Statistics in Medicine 32: 4526-4539, 2013.

Liu, GF, Hu, P, and Mehrotra, DV: A Two-step Multiple Imputation for Analysis of Repeated Measures with Left Censored and Missing Data. Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research 5: 116-125, 2013.

Mehrotra, DV, Li, X, Liu, J, and Lu, K: Analysis of Longitudinal Clinical Trials with Missing Data Using Multiple Imputation in Conjunction with Robust Regression. Biometrics 68: 1250-1259, 2012.

Mehrotra, D.V., Mogg, R., Lin, J., and Huang, X.: Efficient Analyses of Phase II Dose-Range Trials to Optimize Phase III Trial Design (oral presentation). Joint Statistical Meetings, San Diego, CA. 2012.

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