Douglas E. Schaubel, PhD

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Professor of Biostatistics in Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Department: Biostatistics and Epidemiology

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Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics
Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine
614 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021
Office: (215) 898-2264
Fax: 215-573-4865
BMath (Actuarial Science, Statistics)
University of Waterloo: Waterloo, 1992.
MSc (Biostatistics)
McGill University, 1996.
PhD (Biostatistics)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2002.
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Selected Publications

Vail, E.A., Schaubel, D.E., Abt, P.L., Martin, N.D., Reese, P.P. and Neuman, M.D.: Organ transplantation outcomes of deceased organ donors in organ procurement organization-based recovery facilities versus acute-care hospitals. Progress in Transplantation 33(2): 110-120, JUN 2023.

Chesley, C.F., Chowdhury, M., Small, D.S., Schaubel, D., Liu, V.X., Lane-Fall, M.B., Halpern, S.D. and Anesi, G.L.: Racial disparities in length of stay among severely ill patients presenting with sepsis and acute respiratory failure. JAMA Network Open 6(5): e239739, MAY 2023.

Thiruvengadam NR, Kouanda A, Kalluri A, Schaubel D, Saumoy M, Forde K, Song J, Faggen A, Davis BG, Onwugaje KC, Cote G, Arain MA, Kochman ML.: A Prospective Cohort Study Evaluating PAN-PROMISE, a Patient-reported Outcome Measure to Detect Post-ERCP Morbidity. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology 21(5): 1233-1242, MAY 2023.

Johnson, W., Kraft, K., Chotai, P., Lynch, R., Dittus, R.S., Goldberg, D., Ye, F., Doby, B., Schaubel, D.E., Shah, M.B., Karp, S.J.: Variability in organ procurement organization performance by individual hospital in the United States. JAMA Surgery 158(4): 404-409, APR 2023.

Thanawala, S.U., Kaplan, D.E., Falk, G.W., Beveridge, C.A., Schaubel, D.E., Serper, M. and Yang, Y-X: Antibiotic exposure is associated with a risk of esophageal adenocarcinoma. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology(23), S1542-3565, MAR 2023.

Chesley, C.F., Anesi, G.L., Chowdhury, M., Schaubel, D.E., Liu, V.X., Lane-Fall, M.B., and Halpern, S.D: Characterizing equity of intensive care unit admissions for sepsis and acute respiratory failure. Annals of the American Thoracic Society 19(12): 2044-2052, DEC 2022.

Wu, W., He, K., Shi, X., Schaubel, D.E.: Analysis of hospital readmissions with competing risks. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 31(11): 2189-2200, NOV 2022.

Schnellinger, E.M., Cantu, E., Schaubel, D.E., Kimmel, S.E. and Stephens-Shields, A.J.: Clinical impact of a modified lung allocation score that mitigates selection bias. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 41(11): 1590-1600, NOV 2022.

Schaubel, D.E., Tran, A.H., Abt, P.L., Potluri, V., Goldberg, D.S. and Reese, P.P.: Five-year allograft survival for recipients of kidney transplants from hepatitis C virus infected versus uninfected deceased donors in the direct-acting antiviral therapy era. Journal of the American Medical Association 328(11): 1102-1104, SEPT 2022.

Thiruvengadam N.R., Schaubel D.E., Forde K., Lee P., Saumoy M., Kochman M.L.: Association of Statin Usage and the Development of Diabetes Mellitus after Acute Pancreatitis. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology S1542-3565(22): 00527-4, JUN 2022.

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