Ellen C. Caniglia ScD

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Assistant Professor of Epidemiology in Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Department: Biostatistics and Epidemiology

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423 Guardian Drive
Blockley Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Bryn Mawr College, 2011.
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 2016.
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Selected Publications

Caniglia EC, Shapiro R, Diseko M, Wylie BJ, Zera C, Davey S, Isaacson A, Mayondi G, Mabuta J, Luckett R, Makhema J, Mmalane M, Lockman S, Zash R.: Weight gain during pregnancy among women initiating dolutegravir in Botswana. EClinicalMedicine 29: 100615, Nov 2020.

Caniglia EC, Stevens ER, Khan M, Young KE, Ban K, Marshall BDL, Chichetto NE, Gaither JR, Crystal S, Edelman EJ, Fiellin DA, Gordon AJ, Bryant KJ, Tate J, Justice AC, Braithwaite RS.: Does Reducing Drinking in Patients with Unhealthy Alcohol Use Improve Pain Interference, Use of Other Substances, and Psychiatric Symptoms? Alcohol Clin Exp Res 44: 2257-2265, Nov 2020.

Murray EJ, Farland LV, Caniglia EC, Dorans KS, DuPre NC, Hughes KC, Kim IY, Pernar CH, Tanz LJ, Zack RM.: IS THIS A PORTRAIT OF JOHN GRAUNT? AN ART HISTORY MYSTERY. Am J Epidemiol 189: 1204-1207, Oct 2020.

Caniglia EC, Rojas-Saunero LP, Hilal S, Licher S, Logan R, Stricker B, Ikram MA, Swanson SA.: Emulating a target trial of statin use and risk of dementia using cohort data. Neurology 95: e1322-e1332, Sep 2020.

Scheidell JD, Thorpe LE, Adimora AA, Caniglia EC, Lejuez CW, Troxel AB, Khan MR.: Perceived Stress, Sexually Transmitted Infection, and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Examination of Differences in Associations Among Black and White Women. Sex Transm Dis 47: 617-624, Sep 2020.

Feelemyer J, Dyer TV, Turpin RE, Brewer RA, Hucks-Oritz C, van Der Mei WF, Cleland CM, Mazumdar M, Caniglia EC, Geller A, Scheidell JD, Feldman JM, Mayer KH, Khan MR.: Longitudinal associations between the disruption of incarceration and community re-entry on substance use risk escalation among Black men who have sex with men; A causal analysis. Drug Alcohol Depend 213: 108123, Jun 2020.

Khan MR, Young KE, Caniglia EC, Fiellin DA, Maisto SA, Marshall BDL, Edelman EJ, Gaither JR, Chichetto NE, Tate J, Bryant KJ, Severe M, Stevens ER, Justice A, Braithwaite SR.: Association of Alcohol Screening Scores With Adverse Mental Health Conditions and Substance Use Among US Adults. JAMA Netw Open 3: e200895, Mar 2020.

Stevens ER, Mazumdar M, Caniglia EC, Khan MR, Young KE, Edelman EJ, Gordon AJ, Fiellin DA, Maisto SA, Chichetto NE, Crystal S, Gaither JR, Justice AC, Braithwaite RS.: Insights Provided by Depression Screening Regarding Pain, Anxiety, and Substance use in a Veteran Population. J Prim Care Community Health 11: 2150132720949123, Jan-Dec 2020.

Caniglia EC, Magosi LE, Zash R, Diseko M, Mayondi G, Mabuta J, Powis K, Dryden-Peterson S, Mosepele M, Luckett R, Makhema J, Mmalane M, Lockman S, Shapiro R.: Modest reduction in adverse birth outcomes following the COVID-19 lockdown. Am J Obstet Gynecol m J Obstet Gynecol, 2020.

Caniglia EC, Zash R, Swanson SA, Wirth KE, Diseko M, Mayondi G, Lockman S, Mmalane M, Makhema J, Dryden-Peterson S, Kponee-Shovein KZ, John O, Murray EJ, Shapiro RL.: Methodological Challenges When Studying Distance to Care as an Exposure in Health Research. Am J Epidemiol 188: 1674-1681, Sep 2019.

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