Mortimer Poncz, MD

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Professor of Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics
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Contact information
3615 Civic Center Blvd.
Division of Hematology
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Abramson Research Bdg. Rm. 317
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4318
Office: (215) 590-3574
Fax: (267) 426-5476
Columbia University, 1972.
University of Pennsylvania, 1976.
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Description of Research Expertise

Research Interests
Role of platelets in thrombus development

Key words: platelet; megakaryocyte; hematopoiesis; thrombosis.

Description of Research
My research efforts focus on the megakaryocyte-platelet-thrombus axis. The process by which hematopoietic stem cells differentiate into megakaryocytes, which then release platelets and the function of platelets in thrombosis and inflammation are the central foci of my laboratory. Many of the studies focus on the biology and pathobiology of the platelet-specific proteins, chemokines Platelet Factor 4 (PF4)/Platelet Basic Protein (PBP) and the integrin alphaIIb/beta3 receptor.

Rotation Projects for 2006-2007
1. Murine models of thrombosis.
2. Regulation of megakaryocyte gene expression.
3. Gene therapy lentiviral studies for bleeding disorders. Chemokine sin thrombosis and angiogenesis.

Lab personnel:
1 grad student
1 MD post-doc
3 PhD post-docs
5 lab techs
1 Assist Prof Res

Selected Publications

Tkaczynski Elizabeth, Arulselvan Abinaya, Tkaczynski John, Avery Stephen, Xiao Liqing, Torok-Storb Beverly, Abrams Kraig, Rao Narayanam V, Johnson Gregory, Kennedy Thomas P, Poncz Mortimer, Lambert Michele P: 2-O, 3-O desulfated heparin mitigates murine chemotherapy- and radiation-induced thrombocytopenia. Blood advances 2(7): 754-761, Apr 2018.

Jarocha Danuta, Vo Karen K, Lyde Randolph B, Hayes Vincent, Camire Rodney M, Poncz Mortimer: Enhancing functional platelet release in vivo from in vitro-grown megakaryocytes using small molecule inhibitors. Blood advances 2(6): 597-606, Mar 2018.

Villa Carlos H, Pan Daniel C, Johnston Ian H, Greineder Colin F, Walsh Landis R, Hood Elizabeth D, Cines Douglas B, Poncz Mortimer, Siegel Don L, Muzykantov Vladimir R: Biocompatible coupling of therapeutic fusion proteins to human erythrocytes. Blood advances 2(3): 165-176, Feb 2018.

Sim Xiuli, Jarocha Danuta, Hayes Vincent, Hanby Hayley A, Marks Michael S, Camire Rodney M, French Deborah L, Poncz Mortimer, Gadue Paul: Identifying and enriching the platelet-producing human stem cell-derived megakaryocytes using factor V uptake. Blood 130(2): 192-204, Apr 2017.

Vo Karen K, Jarocha Danuta J, Lyde Randolph B, Hayes Vincent, Thom Christopher S, Sullivan Spencer K, French Deborah L, Poncz Mortimer: FLI1 level during megakaryopoiesis affects thrombopoiesis and platelet biology. Blood 129(26): 3486-3494, Apr 2017.

Hayes Vincent, Johnston Ian, Arepally Gowthami M, McKenzie Steven E, Cines Douglas B, Rauova Lubica, Poncz Mortimer: Endothelial antigen assembly leads to thrombotic complications in heparin-induced thrombocytopenia. The Journal of clinical investigation 127(3): 1090-1098, Mar 2017.

Bdeir Khalil, Gollomp Kandace, Stasiak Marta, Mei Junjie, Papiewska-Pajak Izabela, Zhao Guohua, Worthen G Scott, Cines Douglas B, Poncz Mortimer, Kowalska M Anna: Platelet-specific Chemokines Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Acute Lung Injury. American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology 56(2): 261-270, Oct 2016.

Wang Qi, You Tao, Fan Hongqiong, Wang Yinyan, Chu Tinatian, Poncz Mortimer, Zhu Li: Rapamycin and bafilomycin A1 alter autophagy and megakaryopoiesis. Platelets 28(1): 1-8, Aug 2016.

Khandelwal Sanjay, Lee Grace M, Hester C Garren, Poncz Mortimer, McKenzie Steven, Sachais Bruce S, Rauova Lubica, Kelsoe Garnett, Cines Douglas B, Frank Michael, Arepally Gowthami M: The antigenic complex in HIT binds to B-cells via complement and complement receptor 2 (CD21). Blood 128(14): 1789-1799, Jul 2016.

Ostertag Eric M, Bdeir Khalil, Kacir Stephen, Thiboutot Michelle, Gulendran Gayathri, Yunk Lenka, Hayes Vincent M, Motto David G, Poncz Mortimer, Zheng X Long, Cines Douglas B, Siegel Don L: ADAMTS13 autoantibodies cloned from patients with acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura: 2. Pathogenicity in an animal model. Transfusion 56(7): 1775-85, Jul 2016.

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