Beatriz M. Carreno, PhD

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Research Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
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PCAM South Tower, 8th Floor
3400 Civic Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-573-7044
Lab: 215-573-4931
Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela, 1981.
PhD (Microbiology)
Georgetown University School of Medicine, 1989.
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Selected Publications

Bear, A.S., Nadler, R.B., Scholler, J., Vonderheide, R.H., Linette, G.P., Carreno, B.M.: TCR1020 specific for KRAS G12V restricted to HLA-A*11:01 exhibits potent and precise antigen specificity for clinical development. AACR- Targeting Ras, Philadelphia, PA Mar 2023 Notes: Oral Presentation.

Smole, A., Benton, A., Poussin, M.A., Eiva, M.A., Mezzanotte, C., Camisa, B., Greco, B., Sharma, P., Minutolo, N.G., Gray, F., Bear, A.S., Baroja, M.L., Cummins, C., Xu, C., Sanvito, F., Goldgewicht, A.L., Blanchard, T., Rodriguez-Garcia, A., Klichinsky, M., Bonini, C., June, C.H., Posey, A.D., Linette, G.P., Carreno, B.M., Casucci, M., Powell, D.J.: Expression of inducible factors reprograms CAR-T cells for enhanced function and safety. Cancer Cell 40(12): 1470-1487, Dec 2022.

Olson, T.S., Frost, B.F., Duke, J.L., Dribus, M., Xie, H.M., Prudowsky, Z.D., Furutani, E., Gudera, J., Shah, Y.B., Ferriola, D., Dinou, A., Pagkrati, I., Kim, S., Xu, Y., He, M., Zheng, S., Nijim, S., Lin, P., Xu, C., Nakano, T., Oved, J.H., Carreno, B.M., Bolon, Y., Gadalla, S.M., Marsh, S.G., Paczesny, S., Lee, S.J., Monos, D.S., Shimamura, A., Bertuch, A.A., Gragert, L., Spellman, S., Babushok, D.V.: Pathogenicity and impact of HLA class I alleles in aplastic anemia patients of different ethnicities. JCI Insight 7(22): e163040, Nov 2022.

Apodaca, K., Xu, C., Stanton, K., Carreno, B.M., Linette, G.P.: Determining the Histocompatibility Barriers between Universal CAR T (UCART) cells and NK cells. SITC Annual Meeting 2022, Boston, MA Nov 2022 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Nadler, R.B., Bear, A.S., Saporito, R.J., Scholler, J., Vonderheide, R.H., Linette, G.P., Carreno, B.M. : TCRs directed to mutant KRAS display distinct antigen recognition motifs and minimal cross-reactivity to non-cognate antigens. AACR-Pancreas Cancer Collective Meeting, Boston MA Sept 2022 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Bear, A.S., Nadler, R.B., Scholler, J., Vonderheide, R.H., Linette, G.P., Carreno, B.M.: Mutant KRAS-specific T cell receptors directed against prevalent G12D and G12V variants exhibit potent cytotoxic activity and CD8 co-receptor independence. AACR- Pancreas Cancer Collective Meeting, Boston MA Sept 2022 Notes: Oral Presentation.

Richters, M.M., Cotto, K.C., Kiwala, S., Xia, H., Carreno, B.M., Dunn, G.P., Ribas, A., Griffith, O.L., Griffith, M.: pVACsplice: Predicting neoantigens from tumor-specific alternative splicing events derived from cis-acting regulatory mutations using whole exome and RNA sequencing data. AACR Annual Meeting 2022, New Orleans, LA April 2022 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Linette, G.P., Carreno, B.M.: On the Twentieth Anniversary of Dendritic Cell Vaccines – Riding the Next Wave. Cancer Res 82(6): 966-68, Mar 2022.

Nadler, R.B., Bear, A.S., Saporito, R.J., Scholler, J. Vonderheide, R.H., Linette, G.P., Carreno, B.M.: TCRs directed to mutant KRAS G12V display distinct specificity. Translational Research Cancer Centers Consortium (TRCCC) Symposium, Seven Springs, PA Feb 2022 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Bhatta, M., Shenoy, G.N., Loyall, J.L., Gray, B.D., Bapardekar, M., Conway, A., Minderman, H., Kelleher, R.J. Jr, Carreno, B.M., Linette, G., Shultz, L.D., Odunsi, K., Balu-Iyer, S.V., Pak, K.Y., Bankert, R.B.: Novel phosphatidylserine-binding molecule enhances antitumor T-cell responses by targeting immunosuppressive exosomes in human tumor microenvironments. J Immunother Cancer 9(10): e003148, Oct 2021.

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