Richard Edmund Phillips, MD PhD

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Presidential Assistant Professor of Neurology
Department: Neurology
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Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department of Neurology
3400 Spruce Street, 3 West Gates
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BSc (Genetics)
University College London, 2001.
MD (Medicine)
Kings' College London, 2009.
PhD (Immunology)
King's College London, 2009.
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Selected Publications

Phillips RE, Soshnev AA, Allis CD. : Epigenomic Reprogramming as a Driver of Malignant Glioma. Cancer Cell 38(5): 647-660, 2020.

Phillips, R. E., Yang, Y., Smith, R. C., Thompson, B. M., Yamasaki, T., SotoFeliciano, Y. M., Funato, K., Liang, Y., Garcia-Bermudez, J., Wang, X., Garcia, B. A., Yamasaki, K., McDonald, J. G., Birsoy, K., Tabar, V., & Allis, C. D. : Target identification reveals lanosterol synthase as a vulnerability in glioma. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116(16): 7957–7962, 2019.

Phillips, R. E., Curran, K. J., & Khakoo, Y : Management of late extraneural recurrence of medulloblastoma without high-dose chemotherapy. Journal of Neuro-Oncology 124(3): 523–524, 2015.

Awosika, O. O., Lyons, J. L., Ciarlini, P., Phillips, R. E., Alfson, E. D., Johnson, E. L., Koo, S., Marty, F., Drew, C., Zaki, S., Folkerth, R. D., & Klein, J. P. : Fatal adenovirus encephalomyeloradiculitis in an umbilical cord stem cell transplant recipient. Neurology 80(18): 1715–1717, 2013.

Bartel, G., Brown, K., Phillips, R., Peng, Q., Zhou, W., Sacks, S. H., & Wong, W. : Donor specific transplant tolerance is dependent on complement receptors. Transplant International 26(1): 99-108, 2013.

Wood, B. R., Klein, J. P., Lyons, J. L., Milner, D. A., Phillips, R. E., Schutten, M., Folkerth, R. D., Ciarlini, P., Henrich, T. J., & Johnson, J. A. : HIV-2 encephalitis: Case report and literature review. AIDS Patient Care and STDs 26 (7): 383–387 2012.

Brown, K., Phillips, R. E., & Wong, W : What have we learnt from experimental renal transplantation? Nephron Experimental Nephrology 115(1): e9-e14, 2010.

Moxham, V. F., Karegli, J., Phillips, R. E., Brown, K. L., Tapmeier, T. T., Hangartner, R., Sacks, S. H., & Wong, W. : Homeostatic proliferation of lymphocytes results in augmented memory-like function and accelerated allograft rejection. Journal of Immunology 180 (6): 3910–3918, 2008.

Brown, K., Moxham, V., Karegli, J., Phillips, R., Sacks, S. H., & Wong, W. : Ultra-localization of Foxp3+ T cells within renal allografts shows infiltration of tubules mimicking rejection. The American Journal of Pathology 171 (6): 1915–1922, 2007.

Phillips, R. E., Sacks, S. H., & Wong, W. : Critical Role of C3 in transplantation tolerance. American Journal of Transplantation 6(Suppl 2): 876, 2006.

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