John A. Detre

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Professor of Neurology
Department: Neurology
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3 W Gates Building
3400 Spruce Street
Office: 517 Goddard Labs
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 349-8465
Fax: (215) 614-1927
B.S. (Chemistry)
Yale University , 1981.
Yale University, 1986.
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Description of Research Expertise

magnetic resonance, brain mapping, cerebral blood flow, brain injury

Brain physiology and pathophysiology of functional activation. Clinical and translational neuroimaging.

Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy with an emphasis on magnetic resonance techniques used to image brain function in addition to brain structure. Optical spectroscopy and imaging.

Overall research focuses on cerebral blood flow and metabolism under normal and conditions and in response to brain injury. Specific conditions under investigation include functional activation of human brain in response to cognitive and sensorimotor tasks, epilepsy, cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, aging, and dementia. This research primarily utilizes magnetic resonance techniques including functional imaging techniques and spectroscopy, often correlated with other methods.

Description of Clinical Expertise

headache, facial pain syndromes, stroke

Selected Publications

Munsch F, Taso M, Zhao L, Lebel RM, Guidon A, Detre JA, Alsop DC.: Rotated spiral RARE for high spatial and temporal resolution volumetric arterial spin labeling acquisition. Neuroimage 223: 117371, Dec 2020.

Li Y, Xie D, Cember A, Nanga RPR, Yang H, Kumar D, Hariharan H, Bai L, Detre JA, Reddy R, Wang Z.: Accelerating GluCEST imaging using deep learning for B(0) correction. Magn Reson Med 84: 1724-1733, Oct 2020.

Zheng Q, Martin-Saavedra JS, Saade-Lemus S, Vossough A, Zuccoli G, Gonçalves FG, Freeman CW, Ouyang M, Singh V, Padula MA, Demauro SB, Flibotte J, Eichenwald EC, Detre JA, Sze RW, Huang H, Hwang M.: Cerebral Pulsed Arterial Spin Labeling Perfusion Weighted Imaging Predicts Language and Motor Outcomes in Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy. Front Pediatr 8: 576489, Sep 2020.

Milej D, He L, Abdalmalak A, Baker WB, Anazodo UC, Diop M, Dolui S, Kavuri VC, Pavlosky W, Wang L, Balu R, Detre JA, Amendolia O, Quattrone F, Kofke WA, Yodh AG, St Lawrence K.: Quantification of cerebral blood flow in adults by contrast-enhanced near-infrared spectroscopy: Validation against MRI. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 40: 1672-1684, Aug 2020.

Englund EK, Fernández-Seara MA, Rodríguez-Soto AE, Lee H, Rodgers ZB, Vidorreta M, Detre JA, Wehrli FW.: Calibrated fMRI for dynamic mapping of CMRO(2) responses using MR-based measurements of whole-brain venous oxygen saturation. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 40: 1501-1516, Jul 2020.

Wu PH, Rodríguez-Soto AE, Rodgers ZB, Englund EK, Wiemken A, Langham MC, Detre JA, Schwab RJ, Guo W, Wehrli FW.: MRI evaluation of cerebrovascular reactivity in obstructive sleep apnea. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 40: 1328-1337, Jun 2020.

Chai Y, Fang Z, Yang FN, Xu S, Deng Y, Raine A, Wang J, Yu M, Basner M, Goel N, Kim JJ, Wolk DA, Detre JA, Dinges DF, Rao H.: Two nights of recovery sleep restores hippocampal connectivity but not episodic memory after total sleep deprivation. Sci Rep 10: 8774, May 2020.

Rich LJ, Bagga P, Wilson NE, Schnall MD, Detre JA, Haris M, Reddy R.: (1)H magnetic resonance spectroscopy of (2)H-to-(1)H exchange quantifies the dynamics of cellular metabolism in vivo. Nat Biomed Eng 4: 335-342, Mar 2020.

Bagga P, Hariharan H, Wilson NE, Beer JC, Shinohara RT, Elliott MA, Baur JA, Marincola FM, Witschey WR, Haris M, Detre JA, Reddy R.: Single-Voxel (1) H MR spectroscopy of cerebral nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD(+) ) in humans at 7T using a 32-channel volume coil. Magn Reson Med 83: 806-814, Mar 2020.

MacIntosh BJ, Shirzadi Z, Atwi S, Detre JA, Dolui S, Bryan RN, Launer LJ, Swardfager W.: Metabolic and vascular risk factors are associated with reduced cerebral blood flow and poorer midlife memory performance. Hum Brain Mapp 41: 855-864, Mar 2020.

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