Michael Stephen Beauchamp, Ph.D.

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Professor of Neurosurgery
Department: Neurosurgery
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1 Baylor Plaza Suite S104
Houston, TX 77030
Office: 713-798-3175
A.B. (Biology)
Harvard University, 1992.
Ph.D. (Neurosciences)
University of California San Diego, 1997.
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Selected Publications

Beauchamp MS, Bosking W, Sun P, Foster B, Niketeghad S, Pouratian N, Yoshor D: Dynamic Electrical Stimulation of Sites in Visual Cortex Produces Form Vision in Sighted and Blind Humans. Cell May 2020 Notes: In Press.

Wegner-Clemens K, Rennig J, Beauchamp MS: A relationship between Autism-Spectrum Quotient and face viewing behavior in 98 participants. PLoS ONE 15(4): e0230866, April 2020.

Micheli Cristiano, Schepers Inga M, Ozker Müge, Yoshor Daniel, Beauchamp Michael S, Rieger Jochem W: Electrocorticography reveals continuous auditory and visual speech tracking in temporal and occipital cortex. The European journal of neuroscience 51(5): 1364-1376, Mar 2020.

Rennig Johannes, Wegner-Clemens Kira, Beauchamp Michael S: Face viewing behavior predicts multisensory gain during speech perception. Psychonomic bulletin & review 27(1): 70-77, Feb 2020.

Ro, T, Beauchamp, MS.: Ipsilesional Perceptual Deficits in Hemispatial Neglect: Case Reports. Cortex 122: 277-287, Jan 2020.

Wegner-Clemens Kira, Rennig Johannes, Magnotti John F, Beauchamp Michael S: Using principal component analysis to characterize eye movement fixation patterns during face viewing. Journal of vision 19(13): 2, Nov 2019.

Magnotti JF, Wang Z, Karas PJ, Li M, & Beauchamp MS : Group analysis and visualization of intracranial EEG data in RAVE. Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL Oct 2019 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Metzger BA, Nesbitt EA, Magnotti JF, Wang Z, Karas PJ, Yoshor D, & Beauchamp MS: Cross-modal suppression of auditory cortex by visual speech as a mechanism for audiovisual speech perception. Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL Oct 2019 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Bartoli Eleonora, Bosking William, Chen Yvonne, Li Ye, Sheth Sameer A, Beauchamp Michael S, Yoshor Daniel, Foster Brett L: Functionally Distinct Gamma Range Activity Revealed by Stimulus Tuning in Human Visual Cortex. Current Biology 29(20): 3345-3358.e7, Oct 2019.

Feng Guo, Zhou Bin, Zhou Wen, Beauchamp Michael S, Magnotti John F: A Laboratory Study of the McGurk Effect in 324 Monozygotic and Dizygotic Twins. Frontiers in neuroscience 13: 1029, Oct 2019 Notes: eCollection 2019.

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