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John Eric Duda, M.D.

Associate Professor of Neurology at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center
Director, Parkinson's Disease Research, Education and Clinical Center of the Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center, University of Pennsylvania
Co-Director, Center for Neurotrauma, Neurodegeneration and Restoration of the Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Neurology

Contact information
Philadelphia VAMC
PADRECC/Mail Stop #127
University and Woodland Av.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-823-5934
B.S. (Psychology)
The Pennsylvania State University , 1987.
Thomas Jefferson University, 1994.
Post-Graduate Training
Howard Hughes Summer Research Fellowship, National Institute of Mental Health, 1991-1991.
Intern in Medicine, Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia, 1994-1995.
Resident in Neurology, Hahnemann/MCP University Hospital, Philadelphia, 1995-1998.
Fellowship, Neuropathology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1998-2001.
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 2002.
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Selected Publications

Deck, B.L., Xie, S.X., Choi, G., Rick. J., Siderowf, A., Rudovsky, S., Chen-Plotkin, A., Duda, J., Morley, J., Dahodwala, N., Trojanowski, J.Q., Weintraub, D.: Cognitive functional abilities in Parkinson’s disease: agreement between patients and informants. Movement Disorders Clinical Practice 6: 440-445, 2019.

Mantri, S., Wood, S., Duda, J.E., Morley, J.F.: Understanding Physical Activity in Veterans with Parkinson Disease: A Mixed-Methods Approach. Parkinsonism & Related Disorders 61: 156-60, 2019.

Coughlin, D., Xie, S., Liang, M., Williams, A., Peterson, C., Weintraub, D., McMillan, C.T., Wolk, D., Akhtar., Hurtig, H., Coslett, H., Hamilton, R., Siderowf, A., Duda, J., Rascovksy, K., Lee, E., Lee, V., Grossman, M., Trojanowski, J.Q., Irwin, D.: Cognitive and Pathological Influences of Tau Pathology in Lewy Body Disorders. Annals of Neurology 85: 259-271, 2019.

Ross, G.W., Abbott, R.D., Petrovitch, H., Duda, J.E., Tanner, C.M., Zarow, C., Uyehara-Lock, K.H., Masaki, H.H., Launer, L.J., White, L.R.: Association of Brain Residues of Heptachlor Epoxide and Other Organochlorine Compounds with Lewy Pathology. Movement Disorders 34: 228-235, 2019.

Robinson,J.L., Lee,E.B., Xie, S.X., Rennert, L., Suh, E., Bredenberg, C., Caswell, C., Van Deerlin, V.M., Yan, N., Yousef, A., Hurtig, H.I., Siderowf, A., Grossman, M., McMillan, C.T., Miller, B., Duda, J.E., Irwin, D.J., Wolk, D., Elman, L., McCluskey, L., Chen-Plotkin, A., Weintraub, D., Arnold, S.E, Brettschneider, J., Lee, V.M-Y, Trojanowski, J.Q.: Neurodegenerative disease concomitant proteinopathies are prevalent, age-related and APOE4-associated. Brain : a journal of neurology 141: 2181-93, 2018.

Irwin, D.J., Sharon, X., Coughlin, D., Nevler, N., Akhtar, R., McMillan, C.T., Lee, E.B., Wolk, D.A., Weintraub, D., Chen-Plotkin, A., Duda, J.E., Spindler, M., Siderowf, A., Hurtig, H.I., Shaw, L.M., Grossman, M,, Trojanowski, J.Q.: CSF Tau and Amyloid-Beta Predict Cerebral Synucleinopathy in Autopsied Lewy Body Disorders. Neurology 90: e1038-e1046, 2018.

Morley, J.F., Cohen, A., Silveira-Moriyama, L., Lees, A.J., Williams, D.R., Katzenschlager, R., Hawkes, C., Adelman, J.P., Weintraub, D., Doty, R.L., Duda, J.E.: Optimizing olfactory testing for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease: item analysis of the University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test. npj Parkinson's Disease 4: 2, 2018.

Roalf, D.R., Rupert, P., Mechanic-Hamilton, D., Brennan, L., Duda, J.E., Weintraub, D., Trojanowski, J.Q., Wolk, D., Moberg, P.J.: Quantitative assessment of finger tapping characteristics in mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease. Journal of neurology 265: 1365-75, 2018.

Struzyna, L.A., Browne, D., Brodnik, Z.D., Burrell, J.C., Harris, J.P., Chen, H.I., Wolf, J.A., Panzer, K.V., Lim, J., Duda, J.E, España, R.A., Cullen,D.K: Tissue engineered nigrostriatal pathway for treatment of Parkinson's disease. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 12: 1702-16, 2018.

Ugras, S., Daniels, M., Fazelinia, H., Gould, N., Yocum, A.K., Luk, K.C., Luna, E., Ding, H., McKennan, C., Seeholzer, S., Martinez, D., Evans, P., Brown, D., Duda, J.E., Ischiropoulos, H.: Induction of the Immunoproteasome Subunit Lmp7 Links Proteostasis and Immunity in α-Synuclein Aggregation Disorders. EBioMedicine 31: 307-319, 2018.

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