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Robert A Avery, DO

Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Ophthalmology

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Division of Ophthalmology, 9 MAIN
34th St and Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BS (Psychology)
Texas Christian University, 1993.
MA (Psychology)
Wesleyan University, 1995.
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2003.
MSCE (Epidemiology and Biostatistics)
University of Pennsylvania, 2010.
Post-Graduate Training
Intern in Pediatrics, A.I. duPont Hospital for Children, 2003-2004.
Resident in Pediatrics, A.I. duPont Hospital for Children, 2004-2005.
Resident in Neurology, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 2005-2008.
Fellow in Neuro-Ophthalmology, University of Pennsylvania/The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 2008-2010.
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Diplomat 2008 (with Special Qualification in Child Neurology) (300844). Renewal 2018, 2018.
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Description of Research Expertise

Dr. Avery’s research investigates methods for assessing the visual pathway of children with optic pathway gliomas and optic neuropathy. He is the principal investigator of a NIH/NEI sponsored grant using hand-held optical coherence tomography to monitor tumor progression in children with optic pathway gliomas. He serves as a principal investigator for the multi-center international study of optic pathway gliomas secondary to Neurofibromatosis type 1, funded by the Children’s Tumor Foundation and Gilbert Family Neurofibromatosis Institute.

Key Words
Neurofibromatosis type 1; optic pathway glioma; optical coherence tomography; pediatric neuro-ophthalmology; vision loss; optic nerve

Description of Clinical Expertise

Dr. Avery cares for children and adults with neuro-ophthalmic conditions at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, both in Philadelphia. He has clinical expertise in caring for the following: children with vision problems secondary to Neurofibromatosis type 1 (i.e., optic pathway gliomas; orbital plexiform neurofibromas); ocular myasthenia gravis, elevated intracranial pressure (pseudotumor cerebri); tumors of the visual pathway; unexplained vision loss; optic neuropathy; ocular motility; and pupil abnormalities.

Selected Publications

Avery Robert A, Shah Samir S, Licht Daniel J, Seiden Jeffrey A, Huh Jimmy W, Boswinkel Jan, Ruppe Michael D, Chew Amber, Mistry Rakesh D, Liu Grant T: Reference Range for Cerebrospinal Fluid Opening Pressure in Children. The New England Journal of Medicine 363(9): 891-3, Aug 2010.

Avery Robert A: Interpretation of Lumbar Puncture Opening Pressure Measurements in Children. Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology 34(3): 284-7, Sep 2014.

Avery Robert A, Fisher Michael J, Liu Grant T: Optic pathway gliomas. Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology 31(3): 269-78, Sep 2011.

Avery Robert A, Liu Grant T, Fisher Michael J, Quinn Graham E, Belasco Jean B, Phillips Peter C, Maguire Maureen G, Balcer Laura J: Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Children with Optic Pathway Gliomas. American Journal of Ophthalmology 151(3): 542-9, Mar 2011.

Avery Robert A, Ferner Rosalie E, Listernick Robert, Fisher Michael J, Gutmann David H, Liu Grant T: Visual Acuity in Children with Low Grade Gliomas of the Visual Pathway: Implications for Patient Care and Clinical Research. Journal of Neuro-Oncology 110(1): 1-7, Oct 2012.

Avery Robert A, Hwang Eugene I, Ishikawa Hiroshi, Acosta Maria T, Hutcheson Kelly A, Santos Domiciano, Zand Dina J, Kilburn Lindsay B, Rosenbaum Kenneth N, Rood Brian R, Schuman Joel S, Packer Roger J: Handheld Optical Coherence Tomography During Sedation in Young Children with Optic Pathway Gliomas. JAMA Ophthalmology 132(3): 265-71, Mar 2014.

Avery Robert A, Hwang Eugene I, Jakacki Regina I, Packer Roger J: Marked Recovery of Vision in Children with Optic Pathway Gliomas Treated with Bevacizumab. JAMA Ophthalmology 132(1): 111-4, Jan 2014.

Avery Robert A, Hardy Kristina K: Vision Specific Quality of Life in Children with Optic Pathway Gliomas. Journal of Neuro-Oncology 116(2): 341-7, Jan 2014.

Avery Robert A, Mansoor Awais, Idrees Rabia, Biggs Elijah, Alsharid Mohammad, Packer Roger J, Linguraru Marius G: Quantitative MRI Criteria for Optic Pathway Enlargement in Neurofibromatosis type 1. Neurology 14(86): 2264-70, Jun 2016.

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