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Frances Elizabeth Jensen, MD, FACP

Arthur Knight Asbury, M.D. Professor in Neurology
CPUP Board of Directors, University of Pennsylvania
Chair, Neurology Department
Member, Steering Committee, Lifespan Institute for Behavioral Research, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Penn Medicine Neuroscience Center, Steering Committee, University of Pennsylvania
Attending, Neurology Inpatient Consult Service
CPUP Compensation Committee, University of Pennsylvania
Dean's Development Leadership Council, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine
Neurosciences Service Line, Steering Committee, University of Pennsylvania
CPUP Executive Board, University of Pennsylvania
Center for Cognitive Neuroscience Review Committee, University of Pennsylvania
Subcommittee on Re-Credentialing and Reappointment Policy Meeting, University of Pennsylvania
Co-Director , Penn Medicine Translational Neuroscience Center
Committee Member, Internal Advisory Board;IDDCR - Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center, , Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
APPC Distinguished Research Fellow, Annenberg Public Policy Center The University of Pennsylvania
Member, Steering Committee, Orphan Disease Center, PSOM
Member, Steering Committee, Orphan Disease
Department: Neurology

Contact information
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Perelman School of Medicine
Department of Neurology
3 West Gates Building
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-3360
Fax: 215-662-3362
Graduate Group Affiliations
A.B. (Neuropsychology)
Smith College, 1978.
M.D. (Medicine)
Cornell University Medical College, 1983.
Post-Graduate Training
Research Associate, Univerisity of Massachusetts, 1976-1980.
Research Associate, Children's Hospital, 1981-1983.
Clinical Fellow in Internal Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, 1983-1984.
Internship in Internal Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA, 1983-1984.
Resident in Neurology, The Harvard Longwood Neurology Training Program, Boston, MA, 1984-1987.
Clinical Fellow in Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, 1984-1987.
Chief Resident in Neurology, The Harvard Longwood Neurology Training Program, Boston, MA , 1986-1987.
Research Fellow in Neuroscience Division, Children's Hospital, 1987-1989.
National Board of Medical Examiners, 1984.
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Neurology), 1988.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Description of Research Expertise

Dr. Jensen is Professor of Neurology and Chairman of Neurology at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, and Co-Director of Penn Translational Neuroscience Center. She was formerly Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Director of Translational Neuroscience and senior neurologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She is a graduate of Cornell Medical College and obtained her neurology residency training at the Harvard Longwood Neurology Residency Program. Her research focuses on mechanisms of epilepsy and stroke, and the mechanistic interaction of epilepsy with other disorders such as autism and dementia, with specific emphasis on elucidating new therapies for clinical trials development. She received a 2007 Director’s Pioneer Award from the NIH to explore the interaction between epileptogenesis and cognitive dysfunction, and elected as a member of the National Academy of Medicine in 2015. Dr. Jensen was President of the American Epilepsy Society in 2012 and has served on a number of other leadership boards including the Council for the Society for Neuroscience and the Council at NICHD. She currently serves on the Board of the American Neurological Association, the scientific advisory panel at NIH for the BRAIN Initiative, and on a number of charitable foundations for neuroscience research. She has authored over 150 manuscripts on subjects related to her research and has been continuously funded by NIH since 1987. Dr. Jensen has trained numerous clinical and basic research fellows who now hold independent faculty positions nationally and internationally. Dr. Jensen is a Trustee of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and is involved in community outreach for brain research and education. In addition, Dr. Jensen is an advocate for awareness of the adolescent brain development, its unique strengths and vulnerabilities, as well as their impact on medical, social, and educational issues unique to teenagers and young adults, and author of the book “The Teenage Brain”, released by Harper Collins in 2015/16, translated and published in over 25 languages worldwide.

Selected Publications

Jantzie Lauren L, Talos Delia M, Jackson Michele C, Park Hyun-Kyung, Graham Dionne A, Lechpammer Mirna, Folkerth Rebecca D, Volpe Joseph J, Jensen Frances E: Developmental Expression of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) Receptor Subunits in Human White and Gray Matter: Potential Mechanism of Increased Vulnerability in the Immature Brain. Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991) Sep 2013.

Engel J Jr, Pitkänen A, Loeb JA, Edward Dudek F, Bertram EH 3rd, Cole AJ, Moshé SL, Wiebe S, Jensen FE, Mody I, Nehlig A, Vezzani A.: Epilepsy Biomarkers. Epilepsia August 2013.

Pitkänen Asla, Nehlig Astrid, Brooks-Kayal Amy R, Dudek F Edward, Friedman Daniel, Galanopoulou Aristea S, Jensen Frances E, Kaminski Rafal M, Kapur Jaideep, Klitgaard Henrik, Löscher Wolfgang, Mody Istvan, Schmidt Dieter: Issues related to development of antiepileptogenic therapies. Epilepsia 54 Suppl 4: 35-43, Aug 2013.

Brooks-Kayal Amy R, Bath Kevin G, Berg Anne T, Galanopoulou Aristea S, Holmes Gregory L, Jensen Frances E, Kanner Andres M, O'Brien Terence J, Whittemore Vicky H, Winawer Melodie R, Patel Manisha, Scharfman Helen E: Issues related to symptomatic and disease-modifying treatments affecting cognitive and neuropsychiatric comorbidities of epilepsy. Epilepsia 54 Suppl 4: 44-60, Aug 2013.

Wintermark Pia, Lechpammer Mirna, Warfield Simon K, Kosaras Bela, Takeoka Masanori, Poduri Annapurna, Madsen Joseph R, Bergin Ann M, Whalen Stephen, Jensen Frances E: Perfusion Imaging of Focal Cortical Dysplasia Using Arterial Spin Labeling: Correlation With Histopathological Vascular Density. Journal of child neurology May 2013.

Ryan T. Cleary, Hongyu Sun, Thanhthao Huynh, Simon M. Manning, Yijun Li, Alexander Rotenberg, Delia M. Talos, Kristopher T. Kahle, Michele Jackson, Sanjay N. Rakhade, Gerard Berry, Frances E. Jensen: Bumetanide Enhances Phenobarbital Efficacy in a Rat Model of Hypoxic Neonatal Seizures. PLOS ONE Page: 10.1371/journal.pone.0057148, March 2013.

Jacobs Margaret, Jensen Frances E: Introduction to institute of medicine report: epilepsy across the spectrum: promoting health and understanding. Epilepsy currents / American Epilepsy Society 12(6): 243-4, Nov 2012.

Kowbow K, Auvin S, Jensen F, Loscher W, Mody I, Potschka H, Prince D, Sierra A, Simonato M, Pitkanen A, Nehlig A, Rho JM: Finding a better drug for epilepsy: Antiepileptogenesis Targets. Epilepsia November 2012.

Zhou C, Lippman Bell JJ, Sun H, Jensen FE: Learning Through Silence: Amping up Cognition After Neonatal Hypoxic Seizures Through AMPA Receptor Inhibition. Journal of Neuroscience September/October 2012.

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