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Denise J Xu, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology
Department: Neurology

Contact information
Hospital University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BA (Bachelor of Arts in Neurobiology, Magna Cum Laude, Citation in Mandarin Chinese)
Harvard College, Cambridge, MA, 2011.
MD (Medical Doctor, Certificate in Medical Education)
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 2018.
Post-Graduate Training
Preliminary Year, Internal Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA, 2018-2019.
Neurology Residency, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 2019-2022.
Neurohospitalist Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco, CA, 2022-2023.
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Selected Publications

Douglas AG, Xu DJ, Shah MP: Approach to Myelopathy and Myelitis. Neurol Clin 40(1): 133-156, Feb 2022.

Xu D, Murphy K, Balu R, Rosenberg J.: Clinical Reasoning: A man with rapidly progressive weakness and respiratory failure. Neurology 91(7): e686-e691, Aug 2018.

Perrone C, Xu D, Ganguly T, Kurowski D, Mullen M, and Pruitt A.: A case of CNS Lyme disease presenting with multiple cranial neuropathies and mimicking a B cell lymphoma. American Academy of Neurology, Boston, MA Apr 2017 Notes: poster.

Oakes BL, Xia DF, Rowland EF, Xu DJ, Ankoudinova I, Borchardt JS, Zhang L, Li P, Miller JC, Rebar EJ, Noyes MB.: Multi-reporter Selection for the Design of Active and More Specific Zinc-finger Nucleases for Genome Editing. Nat Commun 7: 10194, Jan 2016.

Persikov AV, Wetzel JL, Rowland EF, Oakes BL, Xu DJ, Singh M, Noyes MB: A systematic survey of the Cys2His2 zinc finger DNA-binding landscape. Nucleic Acids Res 43(3): 1965-84, Feb 2015.

Persikov AV, Wetzel JL, Rowland EF, Oakes BL, Xu DJ, Singh M, Noyes MB.: Systematic Survey of the Cys2His2 Zinc Finger DNA-binding Landscape. Nucleic Acids Res. 43(3): 1965-84, Feb 2015.

Xu DJ, Noyes MB: Understanding DNA-binding specificity by bacteria hybrid selection. Brief Funct Genomics 14(1): 3-16, Jan 2015.

Goggin-Callahaan D, Baker J, Bennett R, Clerk M, Hersey E, Riccardi F, Torbattejad M, Xu D: New York's Medicare Marketplace: Examining New York's Medicare Advantage Plan Landscape in Light of Payment Reform. Care Manag J 14(3): 187-196, 2013.

Inquimbert P, Scholz J: Pain. Basic Neurochemistry: Principles of Molecular, Cellular, and Medical Neurobiology. Brady S, Siegel G, Albers R, Price D (eds.). Amsterdam: Elsevier Academic, Page: 928-941, 2012 Notes: chapter 54.

Xu DJ, Pan L, Emge TJ, Huang XY, Li J.: Poly[[aquacopper(II)]-mu-adamantane-1,3-diacetato] Acta Crystallogr C 62(Pt 4): m150-2, Apr 2006.

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