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Marissa Anto, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology
Attending Physician, Division of Neurology, CHOP
Department: Neurology

Contact information
3401 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19103
BA (History of Architecture)
Harvard University, 2008.
MSc (Health, Community, and Development)
London School of Economics, 2009.
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 2016.
Post-Graduate Training
Pediatrics Residency, Mount Sinai Hospital, 2016-2018.
Child Neurology Residency, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2018-2021.
Pediatric Headache Fellowship, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2021-2022.
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Selected Publications

Anto M, Shipley SC, Massey S, Szperka CL. : Adverse Childhood Experiences Are Associated With Seizures in Children: A Cross-sectional Analysis. Neurol Clin Pract. 13(2)(e200136.), April 2023.

Marissa Anto, MD; Dina Karvounides, PhD; Jillyan Magerman Lynch, LCSW; Madeline Chadehumbe, MD; Christina Szperka MD, MSCE: Implementing Screening and Treatment for Adverse Childhood Experiences in Pediatric Patients with Headache at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain Accepted for publication 2023.

Danielle J. Kellier, Marissa Anto, MD, MSc, Mary Regina Boland, PhD, MA, MPhil, Blanca Marquez de Prado, PhD, Naomi T. Hughes, MD, Svetlana Ostapenko, MS2, John T. Farrar, MD, PhD, and Christina L. Szperka, MD, MSCE : Predicting migraine in the pediatric emergency room: A case for machine learning American Headache Society Scientific Meeting. American Headache Society, 2023.

Anto M, Shipley SC, Massey S, Szperka CL.: Adverse Childhood Experiences Are Associated With Seizures in Children: A Cross-sectional Analysis. American Academy of Neurology 2023.

Danielle Kellier, Marissa Anto, Matt Hall, Kendall Nash, Melissa Hutchinson, Elizabeth Wells, Mahendranath Moharir, Nicholas S. Abend, Ricka Messer, Jamie Palaganas, Juan Piantino, Jennifer Marin, Christina Szperka, Craig Press, the Pediatric Neurohospitalist Work Group: Disparities in Pediatric Headache and Migraine Diagnosis and Treatment in the Emergency Department American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting 2023.

Anto M, Jaffee S, Tietjen G, Mendizabal A, Szperka C.: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Frequent Headache by Adolescent Self-Report. Pediatr Neurol. 121(1): 51-55, Aug 2021.

Kiarashi J, VanderPluym J, Szperka CL, Turner S, Minen MT, Broner S, Ross AC, Wagstaff AE, Anto M, Marzouk M, Monteith TS, Rosen N, Manrriquez SL, Seng E, Finkel A, Charleston L 4th: Factors Associated With, and Mitigation Strategies for, Healthcare Disparities Faced by Patients With Headache Disorders. Neurology 9(1): 10, Jun 2021.

Karvounides D, Marzouk M, Ross AC, VanderPluym JH, Pettet C, Ladak A, Ziplow J, Patterson Gentile C, Turner S, Anto M, Barmherzig R, Chadehumbe M, Kalkbrenner J, Malavolta CP, Clementi MA, Gerson T, Szperka CL: The intersection of COVID-19, school, and headaches: Problems and solutions. Headache 61(1): 190-201, Jan 2021.

Anto, M; Stephenson, D; Szperka, CL.: Pediatric Headache. Netter's Pediatrics (2nd Edition). Saunders Books, 2021.

Mendizabal, S; Nathan, C; Khankhanian, P; Anto, M; Young, GJ; Breen, L; Dahodwala, N.: Adverse Childhood Experiences in Patients with Neurological Disease. Neurology Clinical Practice 2021 Notes: Accepted for Publication.

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