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Samuel Shin, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Neurology

Contact information
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
BS (Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering)
University of California, San Diego, CA, 2006.
PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Neurobiology)
University of Pittsburgh, 2011.
MD (Doctor of Medicine)
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2013.
Post-Graduate Training
Neurosurgery Residency, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, 2013-2015.
Internal Medicine Preliminary Internship, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, MD, 2016-2016.
Neurology Residency, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, 2017-2020.
Neurocritical Care Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 2020-present.
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Selected Publications

Greenwood JC, Morgan RW, Abella BS, Shofer FS, Baker WB, Lewis A, Ko TS, Forti RM, Yodh AG, Kao SH, Shin SS, Kilbaugh TJ, Jang DH.: Carbon monoxide as a cellular protective agent in a swine model of cardiac arrest protocol. PLoS One 19: e0302653, May 2024.

Mavroudis CD, Lewis A, Greenwood JC, Kelly M, Ko TS, Forti RM, Shin SS, Shofer FS, Ehinger JK, Baker WB, Kilbaugh TJ, Jang DH.: Investigation of Cerebral Mitochondrial Injury in a Porcine Survivor Model of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. J Med Toxicol 2024.

Shin SS, Mazandi VM, Schneider ALC, Morton S, Starr JP, Weeks MK, Widmann NJ, Jang DH, Kao SH, Ahlijanian MK, Kilbaugh TJ.: Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Phosphorylated Cis-Tau Antibody in a Pig Model of Traumatic Brain Injury. Biomedicines 11: 1807, Jun 2023.

Forti RM, Hobson LJ, Benson EJ, Ko TS, Ranieri NR, Laurent G, Weeks MK, Widmann NJ, Morton S, Davis AM, Sueishi T, Lin Y, Wulwick KS, Fagan N, Shin SS, Kao SH, Licht DJ, White BR, Kilbaugh TJ, Yodh AG, Baker WB.: Non-invasive diffuse optical monitoring of cerebral physiology in an adult swine-model of impact traumatic brain injury. Biomed Opt Express 14: 2432-2448, May 2023.

Kao SH, Shofer FS, Greenwood JC, Alomaja O, Ranganathan A, Piel S, Mesaros C, Shin SS, Ehinger JK, Kilbaugh TJ, Jang DH.: Cell-Free DNA as a Biomarker in a Rodent Model of Chlorpyrifos Poisoning Causing Mitochondrial Dysfunction. J Med Toxicol 2023.

Shin SS, Chawla S, Jang DH, Mazandi VM, Weeks MK, Kilbaugh TJ.: Imaging of White Matter Injury Correlates with Plasma and Tissue Biomarkers in Pediatric Porcine Model of Traumatic Brain Injury. J Neurotrauma 2023.

Alomaja O, Shofer FS, Greenwood JC, Piel S, Clayman C, Mesaros C, Kao SH, Shin SS, Ehinger JK, Kilbaugh TJ, Jang DH.: Alteration in Cerebral Metabolism in a Rodent Model of Acute Sub-lethal Cyanide Poisoning. J Med Toxicol 2023.

Shin SS, Chattaraj R, Viaene AN, Karmacharya MB, Haddad S, Degani R, Sridharan A, Sehgal C, Lee D, Kilbaugh TJ, Hwang M.: Brain Targeted Xenon Protects Cerebral Vasculature After Traumatic Brain Injury. J Neurotrauma 2023.

Ko TS, Catennacio E, Shin SS, Stern J, Massey SL, Kilbaugh TJ, Hwang M.: Advanced Neuromonitoring Modalities on the Horizon: Detection and Management of Acute Brain Injury in Children. Neurocrit Care 2023.

Thomas R, Shin SS, Balu R.: Applications of near-infrared spectroscopy in neurocritical care. Neurophotonics 2023.

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