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Arthur L. Caplan, Ph.D.

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Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
Department: Medical Ethics and Health Policy

Contact information
3401 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Fax: 215 573 3036
Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, 1971.
Columbia University, New York, New York, 1973.
Columbia University, New York, New York, 1975.
Columbia University, New York, New York, 1979.
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Description of Other Expertise

Medical Ethics
Health Policy
Ethical Issues in Science and Technology
History and Philosophy of Medicine and the Life Sciences

Selected Publications

Caplan Arthur L: Is disease eradication ethical? Lancet 373(9682): 2192-3, Jun 2009.

Caplan Arthur L, Patrizio Pasquale: The beginning of the end of the embryo wars. Lancet 373(9669): 1074-5, Mar 2009.

Hull Sarah C, Caplan Arthur L: The case for vaccinating boys against human papillomavirus. Public health genomics 12(5-6): 362-7, 2009.

Caplan Arthur: Denying autonomy in order to create it: the paradox of forcing treatment upon addicts. Addiction (Abingdon, England) 103(12): 1919-21, Dec 2008.

Caplan Arthur L: Cancer and bioethics: caring and consensus. Cancer 113(7 Suppl): 1801-6, Oct 2008.

Baker Charles D, Caplan Arthur, Davis Karen, Dentzer Susan, Epstein Arnold M, Frist Bill, Galvin Robert S, King-Shaw Ruben J, Lee Thomas H, Oberlander Jonathan B, Rosenbaum Sara, Schroeder Steven A, Tuckson Reed V: Health of the nation--coverage for all Americans. The New England journal of medicine 359(8): 777-80, Aug 2008.

Matloff Ellen, Caplan Arthur: Direct to confusion: lessons learned from marketing BRCA testing. The American journal of bioethics : AJOB 8(6): 5-8, Jun 2008.

Halpern Scott D, Shaked Abraham, Hasz Richard D, Caplan Arthur L: Informing candidates for solid-organ transplantation about donor risk factors. The New England journal of medicine 358(26): 2832-7, Jun 2008.

Field Robert I, Caplan Arthur L: A proposed ethical framework for vaccine mandates: competing values and the case of HPV. Kennedy Institute of Ethics journal 18(2): 111-24, Jun 2008.

Hull Sarah C, Caplan Arthur L: Genital warts: mountains or molehills? The Lancet infectious diseases 8(5): 277-8, May 2008.

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