New name, same great graduate group!

We are changing our name from Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics (BMB) to Biochemistry, Biophysics, Chemical Biology (BBCB). While this is in progress, web resource on BGS and UPenn websites, e.g. course listings can be found under the old name
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Kim A. Sharp, PhD
Nikolaos Sgourakis, PhD

The BBCB Graduate Group has more than 100 world class faculty in the schools of Medicine, Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine, and the affiliated institutions Children's Hospital of Philadelphia & the Wistar Institute. The faculty are passionate about Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, and passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation of Ph.D's and Ph.D/MD's. Our mission is to produce the next generation of scientists, scholars, educators and leaders in biomedical sciences.

The BBCB Graduate Group strongly encourages applications from under-represented minorities and students with disabilities. We partner with the School of Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania at large to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for these students. With the help of the university and medical school offices of diversity we build community, provide networking, peer support and mentoring, host annual symposia, and engage in outreach. With the help of Penn`s Office of Student Disabilities Services we provide extensive support for navigating Penn`s campus, providing accommodations, provide physical resources at the Weingarten Learning Center, and host an annual disability symposium, amongst other initiatives.

The BBCB Graduate Group offers interdisciplinary training through a rigorous but flexible curriculum, exposure to cutting edge research and unmatched laboratory and research instrumentation facilities. The graduate group draws support from its 'home' department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and the office of Biomedical Graduate Studies which runs admissions and helps administer BBCB and the six other Ph.D programs centered in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.
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News, Awards & Publications

  • Congratulations to Kathy Liu and Kenji Murakami on getting tenure. This is a recognition of their personal achievements as scientists, scholars and teachers. It also recognizes the hard work and great research done by all their lab members, especially graduate students, over the years
  • Farewell and welcome We say a fond farewell to Kelli McKenna, who is leaving us after nearly 8 years(!) to take a job at the Steven A. Cohen Family Clinic at UPenn. We wish her well. At the same time we welcome Hannah Johnson as the new graduate group coordinator, and look forward to working with her
  • Congratulations to the 22 BMB students who graduated in the 2023-2024 AY: Drs. Michael Cory, Kahea Uehara, Delaine Zundell, Craig Gambogi, Mary Szurgot, Andrea Detlefsen, Faviolla Baez-Cruz, Joyce Liu, Hee Jong Kim, Yuxi Ai, Bianca Pingul, Pamela Gallo, Michael Gilbert, Jean Etersque, Amber Yanas, Karen Acosta, Fred Fregoso, Raul Reyes-Hueros, Alex Indeglia, Matthew Martinez, Ben Creekmore, Katie Kixmoeller.

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Seminars & Events

  • Pictures from the orientation picnic for new students 1 2 3 4

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NEW BBCB Faculty Spotlight

We are happy to welcome new faculty to BBCB

Kahlilia Blanco, PhD

Kahlilia Blanco's lab investigates the role of epigenetics in stroke pathophysiology. They are particularly interested in how epigenetic mechanisms regulate mitochondrial properties and brain damage after stroke. Her lab is on the 3rd floor of CRB

Natali Chanaday, PhD

Natali Chanaday's lab is curious about how neurons communicate. They use molecular and pharmacological tools combined with live fluorescence imaging (microscopy) and electrophysiology of cultured neurons to investigate how neurotransmitter release is modulated and how synaptic vesicles are recycled. Her lab is on the 7th floor of CRB.

BBCB Faculty Spotlight

Amelia Escolano, PhD

Amelia Escolano's lab investigates novel vaccination strategies against highly mutating viruses, studies the unique features of the humoral and cellular immune responses to sequential immunization, and rationally designs vaccination approaches. Her lab is in Wistar.

Damaris Lorenzo, PhD

Damaris Lorenzo's lab studies how membrane and cytoskeleton adaptors modulate cellular processes to maintain homeostasis and how their dysregulation leads to disease. Her lab is on the 11th floor of BRBII

Caroline Bartman, PhD

Caroline Bartman's lab uses isotope tracing and metabolomics to identify metabolic fluxes that are altered in tumors and immune cells, and to manipulate these fluxes to treat disease. Her lab is on the 9th floor of Smilow.

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