News & Publications

Shorter lab in Cell Reports
August 2019
Mining Disaggregase Sequence Space to Safely Counter TDP-43, FUS, and α-Synuclein Proteotoxicity. Read more.

Garcia lab in Cancer Research
July 2019
Epigenomic Reordering Induced by Polycomb Loss Drives Oncogenesis but Leads to Therapeutic Vulnerabilities in Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors. Read more.

Black lab in Cell
July 2019
Human Artificial Chromosomes that Bypass Centromeric DNA. Read more.

Wilusz lab in Nucleic Acids Research
July 2019
An improved method for circular RNA purification using RNase R that efficiently removes linear RNAs containing G-quadruplexes or structured 3' ends. Read more.

Dutton/Discher lab in PCCP
June 2019
Ultrafast flavin/tryptophan radical pair kinetics in a magnetically sensitive artificial protein. Read more.

Wilusz lab in Genes & Development
June 2019
Ribosome queuing enables non-AUG translation to be resistant to multiple protein synthesis inhibitors. Read more.

Marmorstein and Petersson labs in Structure
May 2019
Structure and Mechanism of Acetylation by the N-Terminal Dual Enzyme NatA/Naa50 Complex. Read more.

Garcia lab in Genome Research
May 2019
One minute analysis of 200 histone posttranslational modifications by direct injection mass spectrometry. Read more.

Sharp & Harvey labs in Biophysical Journal 
April 2019
DNA Conformational Changes Play a Force-Generating Role during Bacteriophage Genome Packaging. Read more.

Marmorstein & Black labs in JBC 
April 2019
The HIRA histone chaperone complex subunit UBN1 harbors H3/H4 and DNA binding activity. Read more.

Englander and Shorter labs in PNAS 
March 2019
Walter Englander and Jim Shorter labs team up to use HX to determine dynamic behavior of Hsp104. Read more.

Marmorstein lab in JBC
March 2019
ATP-citrate lyase multimerization is required for coenzyme-A substrate binding and catalysis. Read more.

Vinogradov lab in Cell Metabolism
January 2019
Sergei Vinogradov and lab develop a new faster oxygen sensor able to monitor oxygen metabolism deep in tissues. Read more.

Garcia, Black, and Englander in Structure
November 2018
The Garcia, Black and Englander labs combine forces to achieve a high-resolution view of histone tail dynamics during nucleosome assembly. Read more.

Shorter in Molecular Cell
August 2018
Jim Shorter and Nancy Bonini show PARP inhibitors limit TDP-43 aggregation. Read more.

Marmorstein & Gupta in Nature Communications
August 2018
Ronen Marmorstein, Kushol Gupta and collaborators uncover the architecture of the HIRA complex required for accurate chromatin composition. Read more.

Shorter in PNAS
June 2018
Jim Shorter helps identify more roles for amyloid fibrils in viral infection. Read more.

Lynch Lab in Nature Communications
June 2018
Lynch Lab and colleagues identify new mechanism of splicing in the flu virus and human cells. Read more.

Garcia awarded Biemann Medal
June 2018
Ben Garcia has been awarded the Biemann Medal by the American Society for Mass Spectrometry - one of the highest honors that the society awards, given in recognition of significant achievement in early stages of a career. Read more.

Garcia in Cell Reports
June 2018
New LcRNAs identified in ants thanks to Mass Spectrometry and a collaborative effort between Ben Garcia and Roberto Bonasio. Read more.

Wilusz in Genes & Development
May 2018
Congrats to the Wilusz Lab for their new paper showing how circular RNAs move to the cytoplasm. Read more.

Shorter in Cell
April 2018
Jim Shorter and colleagues describe a new way to dissociate toxic protein aggregates. Read more.

Dutton & Moser in J. Royal Soc. Interface
April 2018
The Les Dutton and Chris Moser groups publish a new synthetic biliprotein design. Read more.

Vinogradov & Garcia in PNAS
April 2018
Sergei Vinogradov, Ben Garcia and co-workers at Penn describe the impact of oxygen on the microbiome. Read more.

Dean’s Innovation Award
July 2017
Congratulations to Ben Black, Professor in the department, for being the recipient of the inaugural Dean’s Innovation Award in recognition of his outstanding and creative research!

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