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Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
3620 Hamilton Walk
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6059

Important Contacts within the Department

Kristen Lynch, Ph.D.
909B Stellar-Chance Labs

Ronen Marmorstein, Ph.D.
454 Biomedical Research Building II/III

Academics and Communications

Anne Levy Pugh
Assistant to Chair & Communications Coordinator
909A Stellar-Chance Labs
t: 215-573-6353

Sanjukta Banerjee
Academic Administrator
245A Anatomy-Chemistry Building
t: 215-573-0324
f: 215-573-2085

Business Office

Lisa Ward
Financial and Administrative Officer
243A Anatomy-Chemistry Building
t: 215-898-5669
f: 215-898-4217

Joanne Crossin
Grants Manager
242 Anatomy-Chemistry Building
t: 215-746-3428
f: 215-898-4217

Katie Heer
Core Facilities Coordinator
242 Anatomy-Chemistry Building
t: 215-898-8022
f: 215-898-4217

Joanne Kuloszewski
Purchasing/Travel Coordinator
242 Anatomy-Chemistry Building
t: 215-898-5992
f: 215-898-4217

Joy Paulding
Administrative Assistant
242 Anatomy-Chemistry Building
t: 215-898-5669
f: 215-898-4217


Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen

Lisa Ward
t: 215-898-8022 / 215-898-8023


Johnson Research Foundation

P. Leslie Dutton, Director
1005 Stellar-Chance Labs
t: 215-898-8699
f: 215-573-2235


Graduate Group in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Kim A. Sharp
Associate Professor of Biochemistry and BIophysics
805A Stellar-Chance Labs
t: 215-573-33507

Kelli McKenna
246A Anatomy-Chemistry Building
t: 215-898-4639

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