Dr. George W. Raiziss Biochemical Rounds

Spring 2019

Thursdays 12:00 noon
Austrian Auditorium, Clinical Research Building

January 24                
Zhihong Wang, PhD
University of Sciences • Host: Ronen Marmorstein, PhD
Development of allosteric inhibitors targeting both the catalytic and non-catalytic functions of BRAF in MAPK signaling

February 7              
Geraldine Seydoux, PhD
Johns Hopkins University • Student Host: Zach March
Regulation of RNA granule assembly by intrinsically-disordered proteins

February 14 
Jerry Workman, PhD
Stowers Institute for Medical Research • Host: Kenji Murakami, PhD
Protein complexes that modify histones for transcription

February 21
Michael M. Cox, PhD
University of Wisconsin, Madison • Host: Rahul Kohli, PhD
The generation and repair of post replication DNA gaps

February 28
Catherine Grimes, PhD
University of Delaware • Host: Ronen Marmorstein, PhD

March 7
Bradley R. Cairns, PhD
University of Utah • Student Host: Trevor Van Eeuwen
Human germline stem cell development: insights from single-cell transcription and chromatin analysis

March 14                  
Eric Kool, PhD
Stanford University • Host: Rahul Kohli, PhD
Small molecule strategies for study and control of RNA

March 21
Xin Liu, PhD
University of Texas, Southwestern • Host: Ronen Marmorstein, PhD
Structure and function of Polycomb Repressive Complex 2, a master epigenetic regulator of gene expression

March 28                 
Catherine Royer, PhD
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute • Host: Josh Wand, PhD
Probing sequence determinants of folding cooperativity by pressure-based mapping of protein conformational landscapes

April 4
Seth Darst, PhD
Rockefeller University • Host: Kenji Murakami, PhD
Promoter melting by bacterial RNA polymerase: One step at a time

April 11
Linda Chelico, PhD
University of Saskatchewan • Student Host: Laura Agosto
For better or worse: Cytidine deamination by APOBEC3 enzymes

April 18                 
Stephen Buratowski, PhD
Harvard Medical School • Host: Kenji Murakami, PhD
Dynamics of RNA polymerase II transcription

April 25                 
Tracy Johnson, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles • Host: Kristen Lynch, PhD
RNA splicing, chromatin modification, and the coordinated control of gene expression

May 2                 
Shu-ou Shan, PhD
California Institute of Technology • Host: Jim Shorter, PhD
Nascent protein selection and triage at the ribosome exit

May 9                 
John Pascal, PhD
University of Montreal • Host: Ben Black, PhD
Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase enzymes: catalysis, regulation, and inhibition

May 16                 
Kate Meyer, PhD
Duke University • Host: Kathy (Fange) Liu, PhD
Epitranscriptomic control of gene expression in the nervous system

May 23                 
Kelly Jordan-Sciutto, PhD
University of Pennsylvania • Host: Kristen Lynch, PhD
Role of the integrated stress response in dysfunction of multiple CNS cell types in HIV associated neurocognitive disorders


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