Dr. George W. Raiziss Biochemical Rounds

Fall 2018

Thursdays 12:00 noon
Austrian Auditorium, Clinical Research Building

September 6                
Carlito Lebrilla, PhD
University of California, Davis • Host: Ben Garcia, PhD 
Advanced analytics for determining how glycans, fibers, and carbohydrates establish the gut microbiota  

September 13              
James Manley, PhD
Columbia University • Host: Kristen Lynch, PhD
Splicing dysregulation and links to human disease

September 20 
Robert Doyle, PhD
Syracuse University • Student Host: Elizabeth Dempsey
Utilizing the vitamin B12 dietary pathway to overcome CNS associated pharmaceutical side-effects

September 27
Jeremy Wilusz, PhD
University of Pennsylvania 
Circular RNAs and other unexpected outputs of protein-coding genes

October 4
Michael Woodside, PhD
University of Alberta  Host: Yale Goldman, MD, PhD
Deciphering the mechanisms for folding and misfolding in proteins at the single-molecule leve

October 11
Vince Hilser, PhD
Johns Hopkins University  Host: Josh Wand, PhD
Genetically tunable frustration controls allostery in an intrinsically disordered transcription factor

October 18                  
Betsy Komives, PhD
University of California, San Diego • Host: Ben Garcia, PhD
Biophysical insights reveal mechanisms of NFκB signaling system control 

October 25
Gary Yellen, PhD
Harvard Medical School • Host: Sergei Vinogradov, PhD
Metabolic dynamics in neurons as revealed with fluorescent biosensors

November 1                 
John Chodera, PhD
Sloan Kettering Institute • Host: Kim Sharp, PhD
Redesigning Drug Design

November 15
Tom Cooper, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine • Host: Jeremy Wilusz, PhD
Alternative splicing regulatory networks in development and their disruption in disease

November 29
David Bartel, PhD
MIT • Host: Jeremy Wilusz, PhD
MicroRNAs and other regulatory RNAs

December 6                 
Bruce Spiegelman, PhD
Harvard Medical School • Host: Kathy (Fange) Liu, PhD
Thermogenic adipose function: Basic biology and therapeutic opportunities


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