Friday Research Discussions

Fall 2018

Fridays 3:30pm
Johnson Foundation Library
248 Anatomy-Chemistry Building

September 7   
Laboratory of Ben Garcia | Biochemistry & Biophysics
Mass spectrometry based approaches for investigating epigenetic mechanisms

September 14
Laboratory of Arjun Raj | Bioengineering
Modulation of transient, non-genetic drug-tolerance in melanoma

September 21
Laboratory of Frank J. Rauscher | Genetics
The molecular basis of Twist1 transcriptional regulation of EMT during metastasis of cancer

September 28
Laboratory of Erika Holzbaur | Physiology
Express shipping and localized delivery in neurons: Tuning of microtubule motors by adaptors and cytoskeletal dynamics regulates intracellular trafficking

October 12      
Laboratory of Mitchell Lazar | Medicine
Going to BAT for Nuclear Receptor Corepressors

October 19      
Laboratory of Elizabeth Rhoades | Chemistry
IDP? Shoot it with a laser! 

October 26      
Laboratory of Brad Johnson | Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Regulation of histone dynamics and aging mechanisms by Rap1

November 2    
Laboratory of Maya Capelson | Cell & Developmental Biology
Chromatin binding functions of nuclear pore proteins

November 16
Laboratory of A. Joshua Wand | Biochemistry & Biophysics
Some new ideas in drug discovery 

November 30  
Laboratory of Kenji Murakami | Biochemistry & Biophysics
Structural studies of Transcription and DNA repair by cryo-EM 

December 7    
Laboratory of E. James Petersson | Chemistry
Toward the incorporation of red fluorescent amino acids into reindeer olfactory organs

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