Faculty by Research Interests

Chemical Biologydepartment research focuses displayed through a schematic

Burslem, Cherry, Kohli, Marmorstein, Petersson, Sellmyer, Vinogradov, Zhou

See also Center for Translational Chemical Biology


Gene Regulatory and Signaling Mechanisms

Bernstein, Black, Cherry, Dreyfuss, Gardini, Liu, Lynch, Shorter, Taabazuing, Tian

See also Institute for RNA Innovation


Structural Biology

Bowman, Chang, Gupta, Marmorstein, Moiseenkova-Bell, Murakami, Rhoades, Sgourakis, Sharp, Tolbert, Van Duyne

See also Institute for Structural Biology


Training opportunities are available in the following laboratories:

Kara Bernstein, PhD | Mechanisms of DNA repair, genome integrity, and cancer

Ben E. Black, PhD | Chromosome segregation; chromatin structure; epigenetic centromere specification; hydrogen/deuterium exchange

Greg Bowman, PhD | Developing therapeutics and interpreting genetic variation by understanding/exploiting protein dynamics using biophysical experiments, machine learning, physics-based simulations, and the world’s largest distributed computer

George Burslem, PhD | Chemical Biology of Post-Translational Modifications

Yi-Wei Chang, PhD | Cellular structural biology of host-pathogen interactions; cryo-electron tomography methods development

Sara Cherry, PhD | Viral-host interactions of emerging RNA viruses

Nicolai Doliba, PhD | Bioenergetics, metabolism, and membranes

Gideon Dreyfuss, PhD | Nuclear transport, hnRNP complexes, RNA-binding proteins, spinal muscular Atrophy

Alessandro Gardini, PhD | Understanding the role of enhancers and noncoding RNAs in transcriptional  regulation in mammals

Yale E. Goldman, MD, PhD | Molecular motors and protein synthesis studied by single molecule Biophysics

Kushol Gupta, PhD | Structural biology of large macromolecular assemblies that regulate genetic information; X-ray crystallography; small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering

Rahul Kohli, MD, PhD | Investigating the enzymatic basis for diversity generation in the immune system and pathogens; enzyme mechanisms, chemical biology, protein evolution

Kathy Fange Liu, PhD

Kristen W. Lynch, PhD | Mechanism and consequences of regulated alternative splicing

Ronen Marmorstein, PhD | X-ray crystallography, chromatin regulation, tumor suppressors, oncoproteins, kinases, aging, structure-based inhibitor design

Vera Moiseenkova-Bell, PhD | Structural and functional analysis of ion channels and transporters using cryo electron microscopy and tomography

Kenji Murakami, PhD | Transcription initiation and regulation in eukaryote Itzhak Nissim

Trevor M. Penning, PhD | Structure-function of aldo-keto reductases; role in steroid hormone action and chemical carcinogenesis

E. James Petersson, PhD

Elizabeth Rhoades, PhD | Functional mechanisms of intrinsically disordered proteins involved in neurodegeneration

Mark. A. Sellmyer, MD, PhD | Molecular tools for cancer, infection, and immunology

Nikolaos Sgourakis, PhD

Kim A. Sharp, PhD | Graduate Group Chair, Theory of protein and nucleic acid structure and function

James Shorter, PhD | Regulation of beneficial or neuropathogenic prions and amyloids by protein-remodeling factors, molecular chaperones, and small molecules

Cornelius Taabazuing, PhD | Chemical biology, host-pathogen interactions, molecular mechanisms of cell death

Bin Tian, PhD | Alternative polyadenylation, mRNA metabolism, and RNA-binding proteins

Blanton Tolbert, PhD

Gregory D. Van Duyne, PhD | Structural biology; protein-protein interactions; x-ray crystallography

Sergei A. Vinogradov, PhD | Functional macromolecules, optical imaging probes, porphyrin chemistry, dendrimer chemistry, oxygen microscopy and tomography

Lijun Zhou, PhD