E. James Petersson, Ph.D.

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Professor of Chemistry
Department: Chemistry
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Room 350 Chemistry 1973 Building
231 South 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6323
Office: 215-746-2221
Lab: 215-746-8450
A.B. (Chemistry)
Dartmouth College, 1998.
Ph.D. (Chemistry)
California Institute of Technology, 2005.
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Selected Publications

Haney Conor M, Petersson E James: Fluorescence spectroscopy reveals N-terminal order in fibrillar forms of α-synuclein. Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) Jan 2018.

Riggle Brittany A, Greenberg Mara L, Wang Yanfei, Wissner Rebecca F, Zemerov Serge D, Petersson E James, Dmochowski Ivan J: A cryptophane-based "turn-on" 129Xe NMR biosensor for monitoring calmodulin. Organic & biomolecular chemistry 15(42): 8883-8887, Oct 2017.

Ferrie John J, Ieda Naoya, Haney Conor M, Walters Christopher R, Sungwienwong Itthipol, Yoon Jimin, Petersson E James: Multicolor protein FRET with tryptophan, selective coumarin-cysteine labeling, and genetic acridonylalanine encoding. Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) 53(80): 11072-11075, Oct 2017.

Po Pengse, Delaney Erin, Gamper Howard, Szantai-Kis D Miklos, Speight Lee, Tu LiWei, Kosolapov Andrey, Petersson E James, Hou Ya-Ming, Deutsch Carol: Effect of Nascent Peptide Steric Bulk on Elongation Kinetics in the Ribosome Exit Tunnel. Journal of molecular biology 429(12): 1873-1888, Jun 2017.

Sungwienwong Itthipol, Hostetler Zachary M, Blizzard Robert J, Porter Joseph J, Driggers Camden M, Mbengi Lea Z, Villegas José A, Speight Lee C, Saven Jeffery G, Perona John J, Kohli Rahul M, Mehl Ryan A, Petersson E James: Improving target amino acid selectivity in a permissive aminoacyl tRNA synthetase through counter-selection. Organic & biomolecular chemistry 15(17): 3603-3610, May 2017.

Walters Christopher R, Szantai-Kis D Miklos, Zhang Yitao, Reinert Zachary E, Horne W Seth, Chenoweth David M, Petersson E James: The effects of thioamide backbone substitution on protein stability: a study in α-helical, β-sheet, and polyproline II helical contexts. Chemical science 8(4): 2868-2877, Apr 2017.

Lin Yi-Chih, Repollet-Pedrosa Milton H, Ferrie John J, Petersson E James, Fakhraai Zahra: Potential Artifacts in Sample Preparation Methods Used for Imaging Amyloid Oligomers and Protofibrils due to Surface-Mediated Fibril Formation. The journal of physical chemistry. B 121(12): 2534-2542, Mar 2017.

Chen Xing, Mietlicki-Baase Elizabeth G, Barrett Taylor M, McGrath Lauren E, Koch-Laskowski Kieran, Ferrie John J, Hayes Matthew R, Petersson E James: Thioamide Substitution Selectively Modulates Proteolysis and Receptor Activity of Therapeutic Peptide Hormones. Journal of the American Chemical Society 139(46): 16688-16695, 11 2017.

Haney Conor M, Cleveland Christina L, Wissner Rebecca F, Owei Lily, Robustelli Jaclyn, Daniels Malcolm J, Canyurt Merve, Rodriguez Priscilla, Ischiropoulos Harry, Baumgart Tobias, Petersson E James: Site-Specific Fluorescence Polarization for Studying the Disaggregation of α-Synuclein Fibrils by Small Molecules. Biochemistry 56(5): 683-691, 02 2017.

Karpowicz Richard J, Haney Conor M, Mihaila Tiberiu S, Sandler Raizel M, Petersson E James, Lee Virginia M-Y: Selective imaging of internalized proteopathic α-synuclein seeds in primary neurons reveals mechanistic insight into transmission of synucleinopathies. The Journal of biological chemistry 292(32): 13482-13497, 08 2017.

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