About the High-throughput Screening Core

The High-throughput Screening Core (HTSC) in the Perelman School of Medicine provides expertise and infrastructure to facilitate the development and implementation of professional High-throughput screening services. We have the capabilities to perform HTS in both biochemical and cell-based assays using state-of-the-art equipment. We can perform genetic or small molecule screens to identify genes or small molecule modulators of diverse processes in diverse models including primary cells.  The HTSC educates and assists scientists with HTS assay development, optimization, miniaturization, implementation, analysis, and validation. We can develop new assays or run validated HTS assays. In addition, the HTSC maintains libraries of siRNA, shRNA, cDNA, and FDA-approved/FDA-like organic small molecule libraries for HTS.  Moreover, we routinely prepare custom libraries for single-point or dose-response screening. The HTSC provides robotics infrastructure and technically trained staff for primary HTSs as well as secondary screens to validate candidates. The HTSC also provides assistance with the preparation of grant applications and Letters of Support, offering HTS resources and analysis expertise for the proposed research.

Please join us in congratulating David Schultz, Technical Director of the High-Throughput Screening Core, on being awarded the Perelman School of Medicine Core Director Award


Latest News

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