Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation Challenge 2019: Rankings

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Rankings of Segmentation Task

1st place:
Team Name: Questionmarks
Institution(s): South China University of Technology
Accompanying paper: Two-Stage Cascaded U-Net: 1st Place Solution to BraTS Challenge 2019 Segmentation Task (link)
Team Members: Zeyu Jiang, Changxing Ding, Minfeng Liu, Dacheng Tao

2nd place:
Team Name: zyx
Institution(s): Chinese Academy of Sciences
Accompanying paper: Bag of Tricks for 3D MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation (link)
Team Members: Yuan-Xing Zhao, Yan-Ming Zhang, Cheng-Lin Liu

3rd place:
Team Name: SCAN
Institution(s): Support Centre for Advanced Neuroimaging Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, Switzerland
Accompanying paper: Triplanar Ensemble of 3D-to-2D CNNs with Label-Uncertainty for Brain Tumor Segmentation (link)
Team Members: Richard McKinley, Michael Rebsamen, Raphael Meier, Roland Wiest


Rankings of Survival Task

1st place:
Team Name: MARS
Institution(s): Ahmedabad University, India
Accompanying paper: Brain Tumor Segmentation and Survival Prediction (link)
Team Members: Rupal R. Agravat, Mehul S. Raval

2nd place:
Team Name: DSI_Med
Institution(s): Imperial College, London, UK
Accompanying paper: Automatic Brain Tumour Segmentation and Biophysics-Guided Survival Prediction (link)
Team Members: Shuo Wang, Chengliang Dai, Yuanhan Mo, Elsa Angelini, Yike Guo, Wenjia Bai

3rd place (tie):
Team Name: xfeng
Institution(s): University of Virginia, USA
Accompanying paper: Brain Tumor Segmentation with Uncertainty Estimation and Overall Survival Prediction (link)
Team Members: Xue Feng, Quan Dou, Nicholas Tustison, Craig Meyer

3rd place (tie):
Team Name: andys_house
Institution(s): University of Electronic Science & Technology, China 
Accompanying paper: 3D U-Net Based Brain Tumor Segmentation and Survival Days Prediction (link)
Team Members: Feifan Wang, Runzhou Jiang, Liqin Zheng, Chun Meng, Bharat Biswal


These teams received monetary prizes of total value of $5,000 — sponsored by Intel AI.





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