GLioma Image SegmenTation and Registration (GLISTR)

GLioma Image SegmenTation and Registration (GLISTR) [TMI2012], [MICCAI2014] is a software package designed for simultaneously segmenting brain scans of glioma patients and registering these scans to a normal, healthy atlas.

Automatic segmentation and atlas normalization of brain tumor images are extremely challenging and clinically important tasks. This method performs both a spatial normalization of a glioma image into a healthy atlas, and also a segmentation of the image into 10 tissue types: cerebrospinal fluid, gray matter, white matte, vessel, edema, necrosis, enhancing tumor, non-enhancing tumor, cerebellum , and background. The method introduces a glioma growth diffusion-reaction model into the segmentation procedure, and estimates the tissue labels, warping parameters and the diffusion-reaction model parameters in an EM framework. The tumor embedding in the atlas space is intended for subject-specific modification of the healthy atlas into an atlas with tumor and edema priors. This greatly improves the registration performance by allowing the inferred deformation field to be smooth.

GLISTR is available on the CBICA Image Processing Portal, It is also available for download as a command-line tool. It is semi-automatic and requires minimal user initializations. Users should use the visual interface, CaPTk, to easily make these initializations.

Please cite [TMI2012] and [MICCAI2014] when you used this version of GLISTR in your research: