MICCAI 2019 Tutorial on: Tools AllowingClinical Translation of Image Computing ALgorithms(TACTICAL)

MICCAI 2019, 13-17 October  —  Shenzhen, China

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The motivation for the tutorial on TACTICAL is driven by the continuously increasing number of newly developed algorithms and software tools for quantitative medical image computing and analysis towards covering emerging topics in medical imaging and aiming towards the clinical translation of complex computational algorithms.

TACTICAL aims to facilitate knowledge transfer among computational scientists of different medical imaging communities (e.g., radiology, pathology), raise awareness of the publicly available, open-source, freely distributed software tools, and provide ground for potential collaborations contributing to integrative approaches to medical imaging, thereby avoid replication of effort and promote the field of medical image computing further.

Computational scientists of all levels (e.g., graduate students, post-docs, faculty) will be able to i) understand what each tool has to offer, ii) use the existing tools in high throughput imaging data, as well as ii) incorporate their algorithms into these tools and potentially take advantage of what each tool has to offer, and therefore iii) build upon the tools' user database to gain visibility/citations of their algorithms. Furthermore, the non-computational experts will be benefited by the immediate use and application of complex algorithms for clinically-relevant studies through existing user-friendly, platform-independent interfaces.

Feel free to send any communication related to the TACTICAL Tutorial in tactical@cbica.upenn.edu