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Clinical Resources

Pre-clinical Stuff

Microbiology Sing-along Website
Loved the songs in Dr. Helen Davies Microbiology class? Not sure of the words anymore and need a fun way to study for your boards? Fear not - this website has a compilation of her songs with their intended beats!

Medical Gross Anatomy

Nice U of Michigan website with lots of labeled pictures

Histology, Pathology, Radiology, and Anatomy tutorials - a useful and classy website

Extremity Atlas
Detailed pictures and labels of muscles and tendons in the extremities

Medical Mnemonics
A real life saver when you're struggling with those #@*&! carpal bones!

Specialty-related resources

Guide to your EM clerkship
Great handout by Dr. Gus Garmel detailing how to perform on your EM Clerkship, as well as match in the specialty!

Auscultation Assistant
Preview or review your cardiac murmurs and lung sounds on this website, which features audio and text tutorials!

Skillstat Learing
Practice reading EKGs and making the right decisions during ACLS algorithms!

Radiology Tutorial
STILL trying to get into the ever-popular Radiology course? Take these great self-directed tutorials on the UVa website

Cyber Patient Simulator
MD Choice's patient simulator, including ACLS and PALS simulators!

Includes interactive trauma moulages for ATLS decision-making practice

Case based Neurology learning

Surgical Knots and Ties
Don't be a slouch in the OR or the ER - get practing on your stitches and ties with this easy-to-follow website!

PDA programs

Handheld doc & EM Rules
Free Emergency Medicine PDA software designed by physicians!

Pepid ED Suite
A pricey but nearly perfect ED Suite for EM residents and physicians. Was a Godsend for me

Epocrates qRx: http://www.epocrates.com/
Includes generic and commercial drug names, drug side effects, interactions, and many useful tables.

Epocrates qID: http://www.epocrates.com/
Contains current antibiotic treatment regiments by organ systems. Interacts with qRx.

ABG pro: http://www.stacworks.com/
Just plug in ABG results and out pops the disorder.

Johns Hopkins Antibiotic Guide: http://www.hopkins-abxguide.org/
An alternative to qID.

JournalToGo: http://www.journaltogo.com/
The latest clinical abstracts and healthcare news.

MedicalMnemonics: http://www.medicalmnemonics.com/
Mnemomics at your fingertips for whatever you want to memorize.

OCM/911: http://www.skyscape.com/products/products.cgi?id=274
A FREE critical resource with the latest information on bio-terrorist agents including Anthrax, Smallpox, Bacterial Pathogens and more.

MedCalc: http://medcalc.med-ia.net/
Well-done medical calculator designed for rapid calculation of common equations used in internal medicine.

Riley Kidometer: http://www.kidometer.com/
The Riley Kidometer is a quick and intuitive database of age based normals.

Shots 2002: http://www.immunizationed.org/AnyPage.asp?Page=Palm
A quick reference guide to the 2002 Childhood Immunization Schedule.

DoseCalc: http://pocket-doc.com/
Dosage calculation for pediatric patients.

STAT Cardiac Risk: http://www.statcoder.com/cardiac.htm
Estimates coronary heart disease risk using the Framingham Heart Study Prediction Scores (1998 update).

STAT GrowthCharts: http://statcode.hypermart.net/growthcharts.htm
Calculates growth percentiles based on the June 2000 revision of the CDC Growth Charts for the United States. It includes new body mass index-for-age charts.


Ectopic Brain: http://pbrain.hypermart.net/basics.html

Healthy PalmPilot: http://www.healthypalmpilot.com/

HandHeldMed: http://www.handheldmed.com/

CollectiveMed: http://www.collectivemed.com/pda/

pdaMD.com: http://www.pdamd.com/vertical/home.xml

Meds PDA: http://www.medspda.com/