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Emergency Medicine Residency Process

So, have you finally realized that EM is the best medical specialty for you? Or maybe you're just ready to look a little more in depth at your options? This page is designed to help you out! Unlike many other specialties, the training in EM is diverse, and you will have to do some research to find the best program for you. Issues to think about which are unique to EM include:

Academic vs Community vs County Training Programs

Three vs Four vs PGY-2 training

Combined degree (EM/IM, EM/FM) Programs

Obtaining a Standardized Letter of Recommendation (SLOR)

Also, check out the links below:

SAEM's guide for the EM Applicant
Contains info about choosing a program, maximizing your application, and timing yourself through this process

SAEM's Residency Catalog
An excellent website with details on each Emergency Medicine Residency Program, including length, curriculum, program highlights, patient populations seen, and more - th ultimate resource for selecting programs to apply to!

Sample Standardized Letter of Recommendation (SLOR)
This is the unique LOR furnished by Emergency Departments which have residency programs. Check out what thinkgs you will be evaluated on during your EM sub-Is!

MedFools' Personal Statement advice and samples
Get crackin' on that personal statement!

UPHS Department of Emergency Medicine Residency Program
Get a flavor for what residency programs are like by starting at home

Dr. DeRoos advice, 2004 download pdf| view online document