New trainees are selected each June by a competitive process. An email announcement soliciting applications will be sent to all BGS students and T32 trainers.

View the Nominations for NRSA T32s page for more information.

Students usually apply in the Spring of year 1, after selecting their thesis lab. Students may also apply in the Spring of year 2.

Applicants may be members of any BGS graduate group. However, for an applicant to be considered for a position, their academic record should include:

GEN-TG trainees will receive:

  • Partial stipend and tuition support
  • $300 for travel to scientific conferences
  • $1000 for supplies and/or travel to conferences
  • Opportunities to invite and host seminar speakers

Responsibilities of GEN-TG trainees include:

  • Attend and present at quarterly trainee meetings
  • Attend and present at Genetics Research-In-Progress Talks
  • Attend and present a poster at the annual Genetics Retreat
  • Prepare and submit an application for an individual NRSA