NIH-funded training grant T32GM008216 (GEN-T32) has supported predoctoral training in Genetics at UPenn for over 30 years. The grant supports the stipends of 8 dissertation-stage students per year, and also provides these trainees with additional funds for travel to scientific conferences and for purchase of lab supplies. In addition to participating in regular genetics training activities that are available to all students, GEN-T32 trainees receive extra mentoring in the preparation of individual NRSA fellowships and often serve as pilots for testing out new activities or practices.

Genetics and Epigenetics booth at the 2018 Philadelphia Science Carnival
The Genetics and Epigenetics booth was a popular stop at the 2018 Philadelphia Science Carnival



Congratulations to Noa Erlitzki (Kohli lab) and Prateek Sharma (Wellen/Thaiss labs) on their recent appointment to the GEN T32.


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