Current Trainees - 2023

Trainees Graduate Group Lab Mentor Research Project

Elizabeth Kraeutler    

             CAMB G&E.                           Eric Joyce                      Elucidating a role for PRMT1 in the regulation of peripheral chromatin organization.        

Tania Parez       


            CAMB G&E.    Erika Holzbaur        Disrupted in Schizophrenia 1 interacts with TRAK proteins to regulate mitochondrial motility
Alexandra Schneider            CAMB G&E.                          Colin Conine   Determining the Regulatory Functions of a Sperm miRNA Cluster Using mESCs


Current Trainees - 2022

Trainees Graduate Group Lab Mentor Research Project
Placeholder image for Timothy Cater
Timothy Cater (2022- 
CAMB G&E Kristen Lynch Interrogating the role of the RNA binding
protein CELF2 in the regulation of translational efficiency
Noa Erlitzki
Noa Erlitzki (2022-
BMB Rahul Kohli DNA deamination activity of a
canonical DNA methyltransferase
Placeholder image for Keegan Krick
Keegan Krick (2022-
CAMB G&E Elizabeth Heller / Kristen Lynch Uncovering the role of the histone-modifying
enzyme SETD2 in alternative splicing
Placeholder image for Prateek Sharma
Prateek Sharma (2022-
CAMB CB Kathryn Wellen Investigating the Role of ACSS2 in Epigenetic
and Metabolic Regulation of Colorectal Cancer
and Normal Colon Physiology
May Wai
May Wai (2022-
CAMB G&E Eric Joyce Deciphering the Role of SMARCE1 in Chromatin
Folding, Cohesin Regulation, and Gene Expression

Former Trainees Currently Enrolled in the Program 

Trainees Graduate Group Lab Mentor Research Project

Andrew Katznelson    
Andrew Katznelson (2021-2023)

CAMB G&E Ken Zaret Identifying the mechanisms of pioneer transcription
factor targeting across diverse heterochromatin environments
Maria Carrera
Maria Carrera (2021-2023)
CAMB G&E Andres Blanco Defining the mechanisms by which KAT6A-ENL
interaction drives AML oncogene expression
Kaeli Mathias
Kaeli Mathias (2022-2023)
BMB Wan Liling ENL Mutation and How It Drives Abberant Transcription

Nicholas Aboreden
Nicholas Aboreden (2021-2022)

CAMB G&E Gerd Blobel Investigating the interplay between chromatin architecture and transcription through the study of Ldb1
Alexandria Indeglia
Alexandria Indeglia (2021-2022)              
BMB Maureen Murphy Elucidating the transcriptional and immune-mediated contribution of PADI4 in tumor suppression

Sean Louzon                                                  
Sean Louzon (2020-2022).               

             CAMB NGG Erica Korb Investigating the role of the histone variant H2BE in glial cells
Ashley Karnay
Ashley Karnay (2020-2022)
CAMB G&E Rajan Jain Deciphering the Molecular Orchestrators of Heterochromatin-Lamina Interactions at the Nuclear Periphery

Felicia Peng
Felicia Peng (2020-2022)

CAMB G&E John Murray The Role of mRNA Degradation in Embryonic Cell Fate Specification

Gabriela Vida


CAMB G&E Stephan Dinardo                                           Elucidating the mechanism of midbody inheritance within a stem cell niche

Elizabeth Burton                  
Elizabeth Burton (2020-2022)

CAMB G&E.                    Christopher Brown / Struan Grant Implicating novel microglial genetic
mechanisms of late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease with variant-to-gene mapping methods

Adam Fenton
Adam Fenton (2019-2021)

CAMB G&E Tom Jongens / Erika Holzbaur TRAK/Milton proteins as regulators of mitochondrial transport in neurons

Dan Ju
Dan Ju (2019-2021)

CAMB G&E                          Iain Mathieson / Sarah Tishkoff Investigating barriers to polygenic risk prediction across diverse populations

Jailynn Harke

Jailynn Harke (2019-2020)                  

CAMB G&E               Doug Epstein / Eric Joyce Probing the three-dimensional organization of enhancer-promoter communication
Stephanie Sansbury
Stephanie Sansbury (2018-2020) 
CAMB G&E Ophir Shalem Using high-throughput functional genomics to discover novel regulators of protein
aggregation in neurodegenerative disease

Former Trainees Who Have Recently Graduated

Trainees Graduate Group Lab Mentor Research Project
Karun Kiani
Karun Kiani (2019-2021)
CAMB G&E Arjun Raj  Inducing transcriptional reprogramming with targeted chemotherapy
Laura Egolf (Ritenour)
Laura Egolf (Ritenour) (2018-2020)
CAMB CB Sharon Diskin / John Maris Evaluating the role of rare copy number variation in genetic predisposition to neuroblastoma
Jennifer Luppino
Jennifer Luppino (2018-2020)
CAMB G&E Eric Joyce Investigating signatures of genomic architecture and transcriptional dysregulation in Cornelia de Lange Syndrome
Alexandra Sacharok (Perry)
Alexandra Sacharok (Perry) (2017-2019)
CAMB MVP Joseph St. Geme Mechanisms of Kingella kingae PilC1- and PilC2-mediated type IV pilus biogenesis and adherence
Robert Warneford Thomson
Robert Warneford Thomson (2016-2018)
BMB Roberto Bonasio Investigating the role of RNA in the regulation of Polycomb Repressive Complex PRC2
Jonathan Rumley
Jonathan Rumley (2015-2017)
CAMB G&E John Murray Opposite Wnt Target Regulation in the C. elegans embryo
Allison Jamieson-Lucy
Allison Jamieson-Lucy (2014-2015)
CAMB DSRB Mary Mullins Roles of mRNA binding proteins in the zebrafish Balbiani body
Mailyn Nishiguchi
Mailyn Nishiguchi (2018-2020)
CAMB DSRB Ed Behrens Mechanisms governing mammalian skin wound healing and tissue regeneration
Blake Caldwell
Blake Caldwell (2017-2019)
CAMB G&E Marisa Bartolomei Investigating the roles of active DNA demethylation pathways in epigenetic reprogramming
Katerina Gawronski
Katerina Gawronski (2017-2018)
CAMB G&E Ben Voight / Casey Brown Evaluating the contribution of alternative splicing in the liver to variation in lipid levels using experimental and novel methodological approaches
Caleb Radens
Caleb Radens (2017-2019)
CAMB G&E Kristen Lynch / Yoseph Barash Cytokine-induced Splicing in Differentiating CD4+ T Cells

Niambi Brewer
Niambi Brewer (2016-2018)

CAMB G&E          Eileen Shore Regulation of cell fate decisions in heterotopic ossification.  

Jennifer Cohen
Jennifer Cohen (2016-2018)

CAMB G&E Meera Sundaram A Zona Pellucida domain protein and a scavenger receptor play opposing roles in shaping a narrow tube
Alex Sakers
Alex Sakers (2016-2018)
CAMB G&E Patrick Seale Regulation of thr Adipocyte Thermogenic Program by Insulin Signaling
Robert Dilley
Robert Dilley (2015-2016)
CAMB CB Roger Greenberg Mechanisms of DNA synthesis during alternative lengthening of telomeres

Kelsey Johnson
Kelsey Johnson (2015-2017)

CAMB G&E Benjamin Voight Patterns of shared signatures of positive selection across human populations
Jeremy Grevet
Jeremy Grevet (2014-2015)
CAMB G&E Gerd Blobel Chromatin looping interactions at the beta-globin promoter
Aaron Leichty
Aaron Leichty (2013-2015)
Biology Scott Poethig miRNA-dependent control of phase change in Arabidopsis and trees
Shawn Foley
Shawn Foley (2015-2017)
CAMB G&E Brian Gregory Global analysis of RNA-protein interactions reveals novel regulators of root development.
Yong Kim
Yong Kim (2015-2016)
CAMB G&E Mitch Lazar Identification and Characterization of a Novel Circadian ETS Factor
Anna King
Anna King (2015-2016)
CAMB DSRB Amita Sehgal Neural mechanisms underlying circadian rhythms in behavior
Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers (2014-2016)
CAMB G&E Marisa Bartolomei Role of Tet1 in DNA methylation and genomic imprinting
Suzanne Shapira
Suzanne Shapira (2014-2016)
CAMB G&E Patrick Seale Transcriptional mechanisms that regulate brown fat cell development
Kate Palozola
Kate Palozola (2013-2015)
CAMB G&E Ken Zaret Genome re-activation following mitosis
Alex Rohacek
Alex Rohacek (2013-2015)
CAMB DSRB Doug Epstein Genetic control of inner ear development in the mouse
Ellie Tarlow
Ellie Tarlow (2013-2015)
CAMB G&E Tom Jongens Metabolic dysregulation in a Drosophila model of Fragile X syndrome