Summer Undergraduate Internship Program (SUIP)

Welcome to SUIP

The University of Pennsylvania Summer Undergraduate Internship Program is a 10-week intensive summer research opportunity for undergraduate students. Interns will be matched with a Principal Investigator (PI) based on shared research interests. Throughout their time at Penn, interns will work with PIs and other lab mentors to develop laboratory and research skills essential for future graduate school experiences. In addition to laboratory work, interns will participate in seminars that will enrich their understanding of science, participate in professional development workshops, graduate school preparation seminars, and have the opportunity to present at the SUIP Symposium. SUIP is designed for students who aim to pursue a PhD or an MD-PhD in biomedical studies.

SUIP Affiliated Programs

SUIP-DAPPG (Diversity Action Plan in Genomics), SUIP-ABCS (Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences), and SUIP-CCI (Center for Cell and Immunotherapies) are affiliated programs with SUIP. Students are selected to the affiliated programs based on their research interests. Applicants do not need to complete a separate application to be considered for these programs. All compensation is the same as the general SUIP. If you would like to be considered for an affiliate program, please indicate which one in your personal statement. If admitted into an affiliated program, students still will participate in all SUIP activities and will be offered additional research specific content and activities based on the affiliate group.

Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences (ABCS) focuses on research experiences in neuroscience and related fields. ABCS is also closely affiliated with MindCORE, the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative, and the Neuroscience Graduate Group.

Faculty Contact: Joshua Gold (

The aim of the Diversity Action Plan for PENN Genomics (DAPPG) program is to increase the number of underrepresented students choosing a career in genome sciences and genomic medicine by providing opportunity for hands-on genomics research. The program supports summer research internships and post-baccalaureate programs, designed to augment student’s training for application to professional degrees.

Faculty Contacts: Maja Bucan (; Junhyong Kim (

The Center for Cellular Immunotherapies hosts a Summer Undergraduate Internship Program in cancer and cellular immunotherapies. Participating laboratories have the general goal of understanding how the immune system interacts with cancer and developing interventions to improve anti-tumor immunity. This field of study represents an intersection of cancer biology, immunology, cellular and molecular biology, and bioengineering.

Faculty Contact: Avery Posey (

Summer Program Dates

Summer 2022 Program Dates: May 31, 2022 to August 5, 2022 (tentative move in dates: May 28 and May 29).

As of Fall 2021, the format for SUIP 2022 has not yet been determined. We are hopeful to offer an in-person experience but will prioritize the health and safety of our community.


Applications for SUIP 2022 open on October 1st, 2021. All applications are due on February 1st, 2022 by 11:59 pm Eastern Time. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered.

  • Completed online application form
  • A statement detailing both your career goals and your area of research interest
  • Two letters of recommendation from academic faculty or advisors
  • Most recent unofficial undergraduate transcript
  • Resume/CV

Please note, all applicants should apply following the instructions below. This includes those applying to SUIP-DAPPG (Diversity Action Plan in Genomics), SUIP-ABCS (Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences), or SUIP-CCI (Center for Cell and Immunotherapies).

  • Create an account following the link.
  • Begin the application with your personal information.
  • You will then be prompted to select which “graduate” program you are applying to.
  • Select “Biomedical Graduate Studies, Perelman School of Medicine”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list to find SUIP
  • Select SUIP and Summer 2022.
  • Follow the remaining prompts.

The University of Pennsylvania is part of the Leadership Alliance. We accept applications for SUIP that are submitted through the Leadership Alliance summer research program portal. We will consider all SUIP applications regardless of which application platform students use.

In a 1 page document (8.5”x11”) with a minimum of 0.5’ margins and at least 11 pt font, describe your academic interests and career goals. If you have had any research experiences, please describe them. State your specific scientific interests and any particular research areas or techniques you'd like to explore. Please upload your statement with your application.

Please state in your personal statement if you are interested in a specific area of research that includes:

If you are interested in SUIP-DAPPG, SUIP-ABCS, or SUIP-CCI, please state this in your personal statement.

Your transcript must include all semesters/terms attended at your primary institution. Please also include any study abroad transcripts. Unofficial transcripts will suffice.

Two letters of recommendation are required. Letters from academic faculty who know you personally and can comment on your academic abilities and your aptitude for research are highly encouraged. Requests for letters of recommendation will be sent through the application portal to the email that applicants provide.


Each intern receives a competitive stipend, on-campus housing, and transportation costs for one round trip to the University of Pennsylvania.


Residency requirement: The program is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents only. We cannot accept applications from international students who do not meet residency requirements at this time.

Applicants must be enrolled in a four-year college for the fall semester after the program ends. Graduating seniors are not eligible to participate. Although it is not required for applicants to have prior research experience, preference is given to applicants who will have completed their sophomore or junior year. Students must be able to attend the full 10-week program. We encourage applications from students of all backgrounds, particularly those from underrepresented minority groups, disadvantaged backgrounds, first generation students, and students with disabilities.

SUIP Overview

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to preference mentors based on their research interests. SUIP interns' lab placements are determined with consideration for the mentor's availability and the student's interests.

Mentors are drawn from a group of over 600 faculty associated with Biomedical Graduate Studies (BGS) at the University of Pennsylvania. The mentors we work with have a strong commitment to helping students and extensive experience mentoring, training, and teaching students, postdoctoral fellows, and staff.

Research areas available to SUIP students include:

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
    • Cancer Biology
    • Cell Biology and Physiology
    • Developmental, Stem Cell, and Regenerative Biology
    • Gene Therapy and Vaccines
    • Genetics and Gene Regulation
    • Microbiology, Virology, and Parasitology
  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • Genomics and Computational Biology (These faculty are also involved in our DAPPG program)
  • Immunology
  • Neuroscience
  • Pharmacology

IDEAL Research Fellows, who are current graduate students or postdoctoral fellows, will serve as mentors for summer interns. Fellows will lead programming, team building activities, and excursions to explore Philadelphia. Our Fellows are passionate about helping interns succeed and working towards the mission of diversifying STEM.

SUIP sponsors the Summer Seminar Series, a sequence of talks about timely issues in biomedical sciences presented by distinguished Biomedical Graduate Studies faculty. The seminars provide interns with an opportunity to discover the breadth of research taking place at Penn and beyond.

Interns enjoy a variety of events including concerts and performances, trips to local museums, visits to historical sites, and social events with current graduate students and program staff. The University of Pennsylvania has several summer programs and there are many free events on campus that are open to our interns. Philadelphia is a great city to visit, and an even better place to live.