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Blog Archives: April 2018

Self-Serve Website Service: An Introduction


Over the years, our design team that has fluctuated between 4 - 6 members has faced an overwhelming amount of demand for new sites to be developed with a quick turnaround desired by our clients.  For faculty lab sites, student group sites, and any other simple sites that don't require highly customizable options and need to be up and running rather quickly, our web team offers a self-serve website service that is implemented with MODX.   


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Creating a Fast Loading A to Z List of Pages in MODX

Recently, we had a need to create an A to Z list of a large number of resources on a MODX site. Our list required a section at the top with a list of A to Z links to anchored A to Z sections. We tried Bob Ray's SiteAtoZ package which was great and did exactly what we needed until we tried using it with our 450 resources. The uncached page load time was too slow.…

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Navigation Items with Content and Children

We had a recurring problem with dropdown navigation menus. Our website publishers kept setting them up "wrong" or at least not how we intended. The publishers want to create two different types of dropdown menu items:

  1. A navigation item that links to a resource (page) and also has child resources listed in the navigation as sub-menu items
  2. A navigation item that has no content of it's own and has child resources listed in the navigation as…

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