Data Request

We are very happy to hear that you are interested in working with data. 

Health System Data Requests including QI:
For health system data requests including QI, please click this link PennDnA REPORT REQUEST and complete the online form in its entirety.  You will receive a request number for tracking purposes. Based on scope and complexity, your request may be routed to Entity Executive Leadership for review and approval before it is assigned to a team member.

Research Data Requests:
If your request is research in nature (including preparatory for research and IRB-approved study), please download this form PennDnA RESEARCH REQUEST FORM.

  1. Fill in the fields which are pertinent to your data request.
    • Please do not include PHI. Any PHI should be submitted once the developer reaches out to you to discuss your request.
  2. Please submit request via IS Service Portal to PennDnA Data Platforms with the document attached and with the subject line reading "PennDnA Report Request"
  3. If you feel you need help clarifying your research request or just talking in general about the research data request process, not to worry, we are here to help. You can schedule a time during our open research office hours.
To help expedite your request, please consider the following:
  1. Complete the “Purpose” section with your intended use of the data.  This includes operational and research needs.  What actions will you take with the data once received?  Who will benefit? 
  2. When possible, be as specific as you can and list all codes (i.e., ICD10) and other unique items you would like to filter by (department ID’s, physician ID/names, etc.).
    1. Example of a Poor Data Request Form
    2. Example of a Good Data Request Form
  3. If this is research, please make sure you have an IRB protocol number and signed approval letter to provide.