HPM (Financial)

What Is It

Horizon Performance Manager (HPM) is Penn Medicine’s Financial Decision Support System (DSS). HPM consolidates data from multiple systems into a single data model with useful metrics pre-calculated. Data consolidation includes linking patients across MRN systems for patients seen prior to the Epic centralized registration system. Issues with source system data are resolved to the extent possible and useful populations are pre-defined such as inpatients, OP OR patients, and ER patients. HPM also provides a user interface that allows non-technical users to write advanced queries, including re-admission tracking and population tagging.

Data currently available include:

  1. SMS Patient Accounting, included balance forward data
  2. IDX Physician Billing
  3. APM Physician Billing
  4. Admission, discharge and transfer data
  5. OpTime surgical data
  6. Patient linking across MRN systems
  7. Lawson General Ledger Data
  8. Cost at charge level
  9. Net Patient Revenue
  10. IMaCs Expected Payment
  11. University Health Consortium (UHC) benchmarking data
  12. Transfer Center Data
  13. Baby Weight data from Medical Records
  14. APR-DRG & DRG data, including CMI

Our Goal

The goal of PennDnA is to integrate the most useful data for administrative analytics and ensure accuracy of the data.

What We Do

  • Manage the monthly data load
  • Train and support users to the greatest extent possible to allow them to effectively query data in the system
  • Manage upgrades and patches
  • Develop new data interfaces and manage/enhance existing interfaces.