Provation - ADR

Product Summary

The Gastroenterology departments currently use a third-party tool called Provation for tracking GI procedures - e.g. endoscopies and colonoscopies.

The GI team requested a tool to allow them calculate, report, and track the Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR) for all providers. ADR is a key performance metric that looks at the percentage of patients who undergo a completed colonoscopy, who have "average risk screening", and who have a detected and removed adenoma.

Intended Purpose

There are many factors which can impact the ADR percentage, including bowel prep quality, patient gender, and procedure location. The ADR dashboard allows users to consider and filter on all of these factors, with the end goal of identifying areas of improvement and giving providers data to help them increase their scores.

PennDnA created a tool to satisfy these needs.

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