In June 2011, the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine was renamed as the Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. This name does not replace Penn Medicine, which remains the overarching brand representing the tri-fold missions of education, research, and clinical care.

What Needs to be Changed

The Perelman School of Medicine logo is used on materials in the following instances:

  • when the School is referenced as a physical campus location or academic institution within the University
  • when referencing administrative departments of the School (e.g., Admissions, Faculty Affairs, etc.)
  • when referencing basic science departments and research-based institutes (e.g., the Cardiovascular Institute, the Institute for Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism, etc.).

When materials also reference hospitals, CPUP departments or clinical practices and CCA practices Penn Medicine logo is used.

The following areas need your earliest attention:

  • TEXT in web pages, email signatures, CVs, brochures, posters, and other areas
  • "School of Medicine" must be changed to "Perelman School of Medicine"
  • In the event that the document needs to include the University in the name:
    • "University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine" must be changed to "Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania"

For assistance or strategies for accomplishing this as efficiently as possible, refer to the appropriate link in this site's main menu.

For questions about historical documents, refer to the documents page for further discussion.

Logos and other graphics

Any old School logo such as the following:

must be changed to the new Perelman School logo:

This logo, used to identify entities which are affiliated with the health system rather than solely the School, remains unchanged:

For web use:

  • We encourage the best practice, for web pages, of linking directly to the master image(s) file. HTML code for both the blue and white text versions can be found on the Web Design Standards: Logos page.
  • If you have web graphics with embedded text, you will need to change that text as described above.
  • Other online materials can use the logo files located on the Web Design Standards: Logos page but be mindful that these are not print-quality resolution and are not appropriate for most print needs.
  • Refer to the Websites section for more details.

For printed use:

  • Most of the current print materials that already use the following "Penn Medicine" logo:

    will require no change.
  • Print materials that currently use any version of a School of Medicine logo will need a new Perelman School of Medicine logo; current stock may be depleted before new orders are placed.
  • Any printed materials not handled by Penn Medicine Marketing, which include graphics with embedded text, will need to be changed.
  • Refer to the Printed Materials and Other Documents section for more details.

Voice recordings, particularly in voice mail greetings

  • "School of Medicine" must be changed to "Perelman School of Medicine".
  • "University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine" must be changed to "Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania".
  • Refer to the Voicemail section for more details.