What is SSFlex?

The PMACS Web Team is happy to announce the release of our new and improved Self-Serve Website Service, SSFlex. It comes to you with an updated Publisher Dashboard, a simpler and streamlined way to set global settings for your site, additional features such as a photo gallery option, and much more!

What's Different?

  • No need to choose between different navigation structures and themes during the application process — you'll have access to all of them ...plus future ones as we make them available.
  • Streamlined Global Settings (Google Analytics Tracking ID, meta-description, and more) can now all be set on one resource.
  • New and improved Publisher Dashboard including a link to our FAQ page.
  • Relocated Template Variables! Instead of clicking on a "Template Variables" tab, they can now be found below the content area on each page,
  • Enhanced help text for all Template Variables.
  • All special features have been combined into one category and can be chosen from a single template.
  • Increased minimum image sizes.
  • Improved web accessibility. SSFlex sites meet the current University's web accessibility standards while most older self-serve sites do not.

What's New?

  • Customizable design options allowing you to choose from a selection of themes, font pairings, text size, navigation style, and more
  • The ability to add a global tagline under your site title
  • Slideshow option available for all pages
  • New special features & improvements to existing special features including:
    • The option to add an auto-generated table of contents (anchor list) for any page with accordions or personnel
    • NEW Flickr Photo Gallery
    • NEW Manual Photo Gallery
  • Sidebar option available on all subpages
  • The ability to style any link as a button (Note: Each button style will look different depending on the chosen theme)
  • Other features available on request:
    • Publications lists populated by PubMed
    • Simple web forms using MachForm
    • Video hosting
    • Blog

Upgrading to SSFlex

If you are currently using one of our older Self Serve website templates you can request a new self-serve website with the SSFlex template. Use the button below to request a new site. If you have an existing self-serve site that is more than three years old, the PMACS Web Design Team can help import some of the content from your old site to a new SSFlex site. Please write to psom-somweb@pennmedicine.upenn.edu for more information about that process.

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