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Silvio O. Conte Center

Training and Outreach

Tripartite Synapse Journal Club

We are starting a new journal club comprised, initially at least, of our Conte members and focusing on the tripartite synapse. Our Tripartite Synapse Journal Club will include presentations made only by the faculty and the senior investigators within the area with the intent of providing quality presentations by experienced speakers as a model for our trainees to emulate.

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Advisory Panel and Annual Symposium

At the time of funding this project we will form an advisory panel which will visit Philadelphia annually. Each of the project directors and the photochemistry core director will present the results of the projects for which they are responsible. The goal of this review will be to seek input from these individuals about the work that we are performing, the directions we are taking, and whether we should be making changes in direction. The advisory panel, which will consist of three experts in the area, will be asked to write a brief summary of each project and to provide guidance about the directions that we are taking for the development of our subsequent P30 application. This advisory panel will provide its report to the overall PI of the Conte Center so that he can make decisions, in consultation with the other Conte members, about projects to include in the subsequent competitive application.

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