Welcome to the Penn COVID-19 Learning Homepage

The UPHS COVID-19 Learning Committee was formed to create, host, and distribute the most reliable and up-to-date knowledge on caring for patients with COVID-19.  

As providers are assigned to patient care locations outside of their traditional practice, we assembled curated curricula (intended to be used in advance of deployment), as well as just-in-time resources  (for care questions that arise during patient care).

With the decrease in COVID patients in the hospital, we continue to support this site to host some relevant resources, but have removed the educational material.


If there is material that you think is missing, please see the links below to request it.

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DISCLAIMER: The documents and information available here were prepared (in March-April 2020) by Penn Medicine for medical professionals working within and in affiliation with Penn Medicine, and are being made available for informational purposes only, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, a declared public health emergency in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States. These documents and information are based on pertinent published medical literature, federal and state guidance, and/or expert consensus, all of which continues to evolve as more information relating to the pandemic becomes available. The content is not meant to be complete, exhaustive, or serve as a substitute for the exercise of professional medical judgment in the provision of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information herein should be adapted to each specific patient based on the treating medical professional’s independent professional judgment and consideration of the patient’s needs, the resources available at the location at which the medical professional services are being provided (e.g., hospital, ambulatory clinic, physician’s office, etc.), and any other unique circumstances. This information should not be used to replace, substitute for, or overrule a qualified medical professional’s judgment. Users assume full responsibility with respect to any reliance on this information and understand and agree that Penn Medicine is not responsible or liable for any errors or omissions or for any claim, loss, or damage resulting from the use of this information.

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We are all in this together.  We could not be prouder to be facing this storm with the competent, brilliant, and dedicated staff of our health system.  We are here to equip you with the knowledge you need to be the incredible providers this crisis demands.


Stay safe, and support each other.