Web Standards

Web Server Usage and Support

Penn Medicine Academic Computing Services (PMACS) department of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Obtaining a Web Account

Any Perelman School of Medicine department, center, institute, graduate group, lab, or student organization may request an account on the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) web server to host their website. Those groups may also choose to utilize the free services of the PMACS Web Design Team to design and/or maintain their site.

Hiring a Designer

If you plan to design your site yourself, or wish to hire an outside contractor to do this work, Penn Medicine Academic Computing Services (PMACS) will assist you with the creation of an account and the necessary instructions to connect to our server(s). Before you begin, please be sure to consult the Web Design Standards tab above for official logos and guidelines on how to design your site.

Please note that PMACS only provides technical support for sites which were coded and set up by our team.


Assuming that your needs are not already met by existing Penn web applications, you may also request an account on "hosting.med" for developing your own programs. Our server platform is Unix running Apache, PHP, and mySQL. Please note that users on this server are required to have a background in PHP and mySQL development. PMACS can provide information on the unique features to the server and how it fits into the University environment, but development in PHP and use of mySQL are self-guided.

Acceptable Use

The PSOM web servers are to be used only for official PSOM business. (Please see the University's Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources for details.) Personal or commercial web sites must be stored on an external host. The School does not provide support or hosting services for personal websites.

Articles and Publications

Publications or other work intended for the consumer market may not be given "commercial" presence on any Penn Medicine web sites. Publications may be listed in the context of a Curriculum Vitae (CV), or, if part of an academic curriculum, in the same manner as other publications for that curriculum; they may not be individually highlighted apart from other CV or curricular materials. Other work, whether or not copyrighted, licensed, trademarked, patented, etc. may be presented as part of a CV, but may not be presented for sale. Materials for a particular curriculum may be presented for sale only through the same source as other curricular materials. E.g., directing students to Penn's bookstore is fine; directing students to Amazon or other online vendors not explicitly designated as university vendors is not acceptable.

Most publishers place severe restrictions on the posting of full-text articles on public websites. If you wish to provide full-text articles online or via email, we strongly recommend you refer to the University's Biomedical Library Reference Services Department.

If you have any questions, please contact PMACS.