Nicole C Rust, PhD

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3401 Walnut St., Room 317C
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-898-4587
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Our research group is interested in the visual processing that happens at the nexus of visual perception and cognition. We are focused on understanding the sequence of neural events that allows the visual system to extract information about the content of the world (i.e. specific objects) from the light patterns encoded by the eye. We are particularly interested in the role that memory plays in visual processing and object recogĀ­nition. For example, when you search for a particular face in a crowd, you have to comĀ­pare the memory of the face you are looking for with each person you see. We are currently investigating the neural representations of visual memory and the neural mechanisms that allow you to determine if what you are look ing "at" is also what you are looking "for". To address these questions, we monitor patterns of activity in populations of neurons in different brain areas while subjects perform object recognition tasks and use computational da ta analyses to decipher the neural code.
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