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Daria Babushok

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Daria Babushok

Instructor A of Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
West Pavilion, 2nd Floor
3400 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA
Office: 215-662-3933
Fax: 215-615-5887
BA (Biology, Chemistry)
Bryn Mawr College, 2000.
PhD (Cellular and Molecular Biology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2007.
MD (Medicine)
University of Pennsylvania, 2008.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Bone marrow failure syndromes, myeloproliferative neoplasms

Description of Research Expertise

Genetics of acquired bone marrow failure syndromes, hematopoiesis, acquired aplastic anemia

Selected Publications

Babushok Daria V, Olson Timothy S, Bessler Monica: Somatic Mutations and Clonal Hematopoiesis in Aplastic Anemia. The New England journal of medicine 373(17): 1673, Oct 2015.

Babushok Daria V, Perdigones Nieves, Perin Juan C, Olson Timothy S, Ye Wenda, Roth Jacquelyn J, Lind Curt, Cattier Carine, Li Yimei, Hartung Helge, Paessler Michele E, Frank Dale M, Xie Hongbo M, Cross Shanna, Cockroft Joshua D, Podsakoff Gregory M, Monos Dimitrios, Biegel Jaclyn A, Mason Philip J, Bessler Monica: Emergence of clonal hematopoiesis in the majority of patients with acquired aplastic anemia. Cancer genetics 208(4): 115-28, Apr 2015.

Babushok Daria V, Bessler Monica: Genetic predisposition syndromes: when should they be considered in the work-up of MDS? Best practice & research. Clinical haematology 28(1): 55-68, Mar 2015.

Babushok Daria V, Cardamone David, Rulander Nichole, Master Stephen R, Hexner Elizabeth O: A common, under-recognized cause of elevated serum erythropoietin. The American journal of medicine 127(12): e7-8, Dec 2014.

Babushok Daria, Hexner Elizabeth: Allogeneic transplantation for myelofibrosis: for whom, when, and what are the true benefits? Current opinion in hematology 21(2): 114-22, Mar 2014.

Babushok Daria V, Xie Hongbo M, Roth Jacquelyn J, Perdigones Nieves, Olson Timothy S, Cockroft Joshua D, Gai Xiaowu, Perin Juan C, Li Yimei, Paessler Michele E, Hakonarson Hakon, Podsakoff Gregory M, Mason Philip J, Biegel Jaclyn A, Bessler Monica: Single nucleotide polymorphism array analysis of bone marrow failure patients reveals characteristic patterns of genetic changes. British journal of haematology 164(1): 73-82, Jan 2014.

Babushok Daria V, Li Yimei, Roth Jacquelyn J, Perdigones Nieves, Cockroft Joshua D, Biegel Jaclyn A, Mason Philip J, Bessler Monica: Common polymorphic deletion of glutathione S-transferase theta predisposes to acquired aplastic anemia: Independent cohort and meta-analysis of 609 patients. American journal of hematology 88(10): 862-7, Oct 2013.

Babushok Daria, Cuker Adam: VWF sequence variants: innocent until proven guilty. Blood 119(9): 1959-60, Mar 2012.

Babushok Daria V, Ohshima Kazuhiko, Ostertag Eric M, Chen Xinsheng, Wang Yanfeng, Mandal Prabhat K, Okada Norihiro, Abrams Charles S, Kazazian Haig H: A novel testis ubiquitin-binding protein gene arose by exon shuffling in hominoids. Genome research 17(8): 1129-38, Aug 2007.

Babushok Daria V, Kazazian Haig H: Progress in understanding the biology of the human mutagen LINE-1. Human mutation 28(6): 527-39, Jun 2007.

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