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James C. Gee, Ph.D.

James C. Gee, Ph.D.

faculty photo
Associate Professor of Radiologic Science in Radiology
Department: Radiology

Contact information
3600 Market St. Suite 370
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2644
Office: 215-662-7109
Fax: 215-615-3681
B.S. (Computer Science)
University of Washington, 1987.
B.S. (Electrical Engineering)
University of Washington, 1987.
M.S. (Electrical Engineering)
University of Washington, 1989.
Ph.D. (Computer and Information Science)
University of Pennsylvania, 1996.
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Selected Publications

Avants, B.B., Tustison, N.J., Stauffer, M., Song, G., Wu, B., Gee, J.C.: The Insight ToolKit image registration framework. Frontiers in neuroninformatics 8(44), April 2014.

Tustison, Nicholas J, Avants, Brian B, Cook, Philip A., Kim, Junghoon, Whyte, John, Gee, James C., Stone, James R.: Logical circularity in voxel-based analysis: Nomalization strategy may induce statistical bias. Human Brain Mapping 35(3): 745-759, Mar 2014.

Adler, D.H., Pluta, J., S Kadivar, Craige, C., Gee, J.C.Avants, B.B., Yushkevich, P.A.: Histology-derived volumetric annotation of the human hippocampal subfields in postmortem MRI. NeuroImage(84), 505-523, Jan 2014.

Powers, JP; McMillan, CT; Brun, CC; Yushkevich, PA; Zhang, H; Gee, JC; Grossman, M: White matter disease correlates with lexical retrieval deficits in primary progressive aphasia. Frontiers in Neurology 4: 212, Dec 2013.

Zheng, Y., Daniel, E., Hunter, III, A.A., Xiao, R., Gao, J., Li, H., Maguire, M.G., Brainard, D.H., Gee, J.C.: Landmark matching based retinal image alignment by enforcing sparsity in correspondence matrix. Medical Image Analysis(13), S1361-8415, Oct 2013.

Bangasser Debra A, Lee Catherine S, Cook Philip A, Gee James C, Bhatnagar Seema, Valentino Rita J: Manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MEMRI) reveals brain circuitry involved in responding to an acute novel stress in rats with a history of repeated social stress. Physiology & Behavior 122: 228-236, Oct 2013.

Vossough, A; Limperopoulos, C ; Putt, ME; du Plessis, AJ; Schwab, PJ; Wu, J; Gee, JC; Licht, DJ: Development and Validation of a Semiquantitative Brain Maturation Score on Fetal MR Images: Initial Results. Radiology. Radiological Soc North America, 268(1): 200-207, Jul 2013.

Dhillon, PS, Gee, JC, Ungar, L, Avants, B: Anatomically-Constrained PCA for Image Parcellation. Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging (PRNI) Page: 25-28, Jun 2013.

Zheng, Y.J., Lin, S., Kang, S.B., Xiao, R., Gee, J.C., Kambhamettu, C.: Single-Image Vignetting Correction from Gradient Distribution Symmetries. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 35(6): 1480-1494, Jun 2013.

Zheng, Y., Vanderbeek, B., Daniel, E., Stambolian, D., Maguire, M., Brainard, D., Gee, J.C.: An Automated Drusen Detection System for Classifying Age-related Macular Degeneration with Color Fundus Photographs. Biomedical Imaging (ISBI) - IEEE 10th International Symposium Page: 1448-1451, April 2013.

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