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Caryn Lerman, Ph.D.

Caryn Lerman, Ph.D.

faculty photo
Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry
Department: Psychiatry
Graduate Group Affiliations

Contact information
Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Nicotine Addiction (CIRNA)
3535 Market Street, Suite 4100
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-746-7141
Fax: 215-746-7140
B.S. (Psychology)
Pennsylvania State University , 1981.
M.S. (Psychology)
University of Southern California , 1982.
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)
University of Southern California , 1984.
(Internship in Clinical/Medical Psychology)
Boston Veterans Administration Medical Center , 1985.
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Description of Research Expertise

Dr. Lerman's research targets the translation of findings in neuroscience, pharmacology, and genetics to improve pharmacotherapy for nicotine dependence; human screening of novel medications for nicotine dependence; and large-scale pharmacogenetic clinical trials for smoking cessation treatment.

Selected Publications

Wang Z, Faith M, Patterson F, Tang K, Kerrin K, Wileyto EP, Detre JA, Lerman C.: Neural substrates of abstinence-induced cigarette cravings in chronic smokers. Journal of Neuroscience 27: 14030-14040, 2007.

Loughead J, Wileyto EP, Valdez NJ, Sanborn P, Tang K, Strasser AA, Ruparel K, Ray R, Gur RC, Lerman C.: Effect of abstinence challenge on brain function and cognition in smokers differs by COMT genotype. Molecular Psychiatry 14(8): 820-826, 2009.

Loughead J, Ray R, Wileyto EP, Ruparel K, Sanborn P, Siegel S, Gur RC, Lerman C.: Effects of the alpha4beta2 partial agonist varenicline on brain activity and working memory in abstinent smokers. Biological Psychiatry 67(8): 715-721, 2010.

Schnoll RA, Patterson F, Wileyto EP, Heitjan D, Shields AE, Asch D, Lerman C. : Effectiveness of extended duration transdermal nicotine therapy: a randomized trial. Annals of Internal Medicine 152(3): 144-151, 2010.

Lerman C, Jepson C, Wileyto EP, Patterson F, Schnoll R, Mroziewicz M, Benowitz N, Tyndale RF.: Genetic variation in nicotine metabolism predicts the efficacy of extended duration transdermal nicotine therapy. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 87(5): 553-557, 2010.

Ray R, Ruparel K, Newberg A, Wileyto EP, Loughead J, Divgi C, Blendy JA, Logan J, Zubieta JK, Lerman C. : Human mu opioid receptor (OPRM1 A118G) polymorphism is associated with brain mu opiod receptor binding potential in smokers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 108(22): 9268-9273, 2011.

Mrazek DA, Lerman C. : Pharmacogenomics: facilitating clinical implementation. Journal of the American Medical Association 306(3): 304-305, 2011.

Perkins KA, Lerman C. : Early human screening of medications to treat drug addiction: novel paradigms and the relevance of pharmacogenetics. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 89(3), 2011.

Gold AB, Wileyto EP, Lori A, Conti D, Cubells JF, Lerman C. : Pharmacogenetic association of the Galanin Receptor (GALR1) SNP rs2717162 with smoking cessation. Neuropsychopharmacology 37(7): 1683-1688, 2012.

Falcone M, Gold A, Wileyto EP, Ray R, Ruparel K, Newberg A, Dubroff J, Logan J, Zubieta J-K, Blendy J, Lerman C.: ยต-opioid receptor availability in the amygdala is associated with smoking for negative affect relief. Psychopharmacology 222(4): 701-708, 2012.

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